Offseason, The Lockout, The Redskins and the 4/20 Sports Ticker

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The Lead Item: One full Sports Ticker dedicated to the ‘skins this lockout offseason seems appropriate. Let’s catch you up on a few things:

  • As of this morning, even though the 2011 schedule has been released by the league, all signs are still pointing to lockout and the fact that those games are only going to get played in Madden ’12.
  • Let’s be optimistic, though, for once – there are some dates definitely worth circling when it comes to the schedule. First, the Redskins will probably be one of two center stage events on the first Sunday of the season in hosting a New York area team here in the Capital Region on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The tributes will be in full force, for sure. After that opening weekend game, Redskins fans can look to a Monday night date in Dallas, home dates with both the Jets and the Patriots and a trip to Toronto to face the “Ontario” Bills.
  • Another question: what’s the story with Donovan McNabb? Benched last year for Rex Grossman, McNabb could very well be on his way out the door, especially if Washington can pick up a QB in next week’s draft. Likely landing point? Minnesota…at least as of now.
  • Even though workouts aren’t necessarily allowed to happen right now (at least with coaches/team facilities), that didn’t stop a few players from working out on their own, led by London Fletcher. What’s also interesting is that there are reports of rifts between the middle-tier of players and the upper-tier, which could be an explanation for the practice and who was and wasn’t (McNabb, Haynesworth) there.

There, decently up to speed now, aren’t we? Let’s move on to the rest of the ticker.

The Ticker: How can I pick just one of the many articles about the Caps first three games with the Rangers? Here’s a quick list of ones you should check out in case you missed them: Some points on the Caps’ Russians from Puck Buddys; Boudreau picks on MSG and Rags’ fans from Sports Bog; and some hipster from Brooklyn gets Greg Whyshinki’s first star from Sunday’s matinee – oh wait that’s a Rangers player…the Brewers came and then got swept back to the upper midwest after the weekend series with the Nats; another rainout last night keeps the Nationals above .500 for the first time since last May…rained out yesterday, the Nats doubleheader that started this afternoon also will be the first time OF Rick Ankiel returns to his former club; he’s a classy guy and did the newspaper-ad thing for his former home…Charlie Davies scored again and now has a league-leading five goals in the young United season.

The Closing Number: 14 – number of wins that the Caps need over the next few weeks until they get to hoist that Cup. I’m keeping this as the running gig until they get there.

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One thought on “Offseason, The Lockout, The Redskins and the 4/20 Sports Ticker

  1. The “‘Ontario’ Bills”? Last time I checked, they were still in Buffalo. Save your mocking for the Cowboys.