The NHL’s Newest Southeast Division City: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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We discussed this in depth (and what it could mean for the Caps) a few weeks back, but the Atlanta Thrashers are officially on their way to Winnipeg. It sounds like in the first season, the team-we’ll-all-want-to-call-the-Jets-no-matter-what-they-get-called will still play in the Southeast Division (even if they are in Western Canadia) before conference and division realignment takes shape a year later – with Columbus, Nashville and Detroit as your clubhouse leaders for a move to the East.

What will this mean for the Caps next season? Three road games for a divisional rival that’s 1,233 miles (1,984 km for our Canadian readers) away.

Funny side note: The announcement came at around noon this morning. As of 11 a.m., though, the Thrashers were still selling season tickets. Might want to refund those.

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5 thoughts on “The NHL’s Newest Southeast Division City: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  1. Hate to be nit picky, but Winnipeg is in Western Canada. They are Canadian. Canadia is not a word.
    Go Canucks!

  2. Well played, well played. I have in-laws coming down for a visit from The Peg in August. I’ll have to get them to bring some Jets t-shirts so we can wear them at the Cap/Jet games this winter…

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