We Love Weekends – Sep 23 – 25

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Marissa: This weekend will probably prove to be a busy one. Friday night I’m planning on finally checking out Lost Society since their cocktail menu looks quite tasty. Saturday night I’m excited to see my friends’ band, Level 7, play at the Level X Lounge. Tickets are only $10. Then I’ll round out the weekend on Sunday afternoon checking out the newWarhol exhibit at the National Gallery of Art.

Mosley: You mean besides a lot of photo editing and trip prep?  Actually, after having such a blast at the H Street Festival last week, I’m excited to see that Barracks Row is having it’s own fall festival on Saturday.  Other than that, I’ve been telling myself, for a number of years, to check out the National Book Festival.  I might end up doing that on Sunday.  Full weekend indeed!

Fedward: The Social Chair and I will be visiting friends near Front Royal, which usually means a winery tour. Past favorites have included Linden Vineyards (a Virginia wine pioneer and consistent producer of high quality wine), Glen Manor Vineyards(recently featured in a wine maker dinner at Dino), and Chester Gap Cellars (a place I’d go just for the view from the tasting room, even without Bernd’s excellent wines). If we’re organized we might even squeeze in a visit to a distiller or two. I should try to remember to bring along some WLDC business cards, huh. And then on our way back we’ll stop at Apple House for some donuts.

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Michael: This weekend I will be rocking out to the best stoner metal reunion ever…no, not the original Black Sabbath…I’m talking about Kyuss ! Well okay, so all that most people care or know about Kyuss is that it is the group that spawned Josh Homme (and all of his lame pop bands) but really folks there is so much more! This is a group with depth to their sound and their line-up. The reunited Kyuss (minus Josh Homme *cough* prick *cough* and Nick Oliveri *cough* SWAT team stand-off *cough* going to jail *cough*.) is playing at 9:30 Club on Saturday night and will open up a whole new world of wonders to anyone who is unfamiliar with their nearly unclassifiable sound. As an added bonus, The Sword (headliners in their own right) are the opening act!

Brittany: This weekend promises to be a (very visually engaging) blur: There are about eleventy-million intriguing art events, including (e)mergeSubmerge, and But Is It Art? Fair. Friday is the opening reception for the Hirshhorn’s fabulous Andy Warhol: Shadows and, were I not attending that (and Solas Nua’s Fashion Salon), I might be trying to catch a film about a Warhol protege over at the Corcoran. Saturday night brings DC’s first-ever Nuite Blanche: Art All Night DC.  For non-visual arts, I might go see Fucked Up and Wavves – but it will be hard to top the Dirty Beaches/Frankie Rose show I caught at DC9 earlier this week.

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Rachel: Call me predictable but I’ll be at Nationals Park. This weekend marks the final three games of the regular season played at home which begs the question – where else would I be this weekend? Needless to say, I’ll be getting there early and won’t leave ’til it’s over. Friday’s a night game and Saturday/Sunday are day games. It doesn’t get better than that (pending the sun makes an appearance). If any readers out there want to chat about their favorite season memories, I’ll likely be found at the scoreboard walk bar before the first pitch. Feel free to reach out via Twitter for a little meet up session! Otherwise, I’m thinking me and the Kindle will need to find a place to cozy up in this great city. I’m thinking Kramerbooks is a must. And if there’s time, maybe I’ll pop over to Teaism.

Moses: A soggy weekend begins Thursday evening with the Kennedy Center’s “Opera in the Outfield” at Nationals Park, featuring a broadcast simulcast of “Tosca” on the super-sized big screen starting at 7:30 (gates open at 5:30). The hits keep on coming at Nationals Park for “FANale” — a celebratory final 3 games of this season, with t-shirt and concessions promotions.  Friday night, “Strasburg Strikes Again” when Stephen Strasburg is scheduled to take the mound for the red-hot Nationals against a suddenly playoff-threatened Atlanta Braves, with fireworks after the game.  Home game finale on Sunday. Hopefully Nats Park won’t be Nats Ark and we bid our team adieu with an opera-infused winning streak!

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Huzzard: One of my friends from High School is visiting this weekend. He happens to live in Atlanta now and is a Braves fan so I am hoping this weekend is not as pleasing to him as he wants it to be. I, like many others, will be spending three days out at Nats Park cheering on the Nationals and hoping to end the season on a high note. I will also try and do a little more exploring of DC and the metro area as I will for the first time be trying a Korean taco atDaMoim in Annandale. I might also venture over to Eastern Market after either the Saturday or Sunday game to tryTortilla Cafe. For a little old time fun and sadness we are going to visit the remains of Springfield Mall (scroll over the map and see how many places are listed as “Space Available” on Sunday and remember what it was like when we were young.

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Addison: I had plans for this weekend, but they ended up falling through, so I’ve been scrambling to find new things to do.  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t look like it is going to cooperate with my plans of getting outside and enjoying some early fall weather (usually my favorite time of year).  This weekend is my birthday, so a dinner with family and friends is in the works, most likely at my favorite Arlington spot, Rustico, on Friday.  Saturday, I have a rare free weekend day, that I will most likely put to good use by watching college football all day.  Saturday night, I might wander into the city to one of my other favorite locales, Bourbon, in Glover Park to expand my newly-discovered appreciation for rye.  Sunday is my usual trio of brunch, playing kickball on the Mall, and watching football.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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