Weekend Flashback: 11/19-11/20

324/365324/365 by ekelly80
So the weekend may be gone, but don’t fret, there’s another one coming up. And it’s long. And it gives you a great reason to eat lots of good food and spend money. Only 3 days, DC, before you turkey trot your way to a tryptophan-induced coma. In the mean time, let’s look at some pretty photos.

gals with hoops
gals with hoops by philliefan99

Untitled by Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie

Sculpture Garden Ice Rink By Night
Sculpture Garden Ice Rink By Night by Glyn Lowe Photos

Franklin School Bldg. Occupied
Franklin School Bldg. Occupied by Pablo.Raw

Old Cinema
Old Cinema by MichaelTRuhl

Michael came to DC in 2009 via Albuquerque, NM. In his spare time, Michael is a photographer, an audiophile, and a guitar aficionado. His humor is drier than the desert and he often finds himself neck deep in awkward situations. Visit his website.

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