The One Game That Represents The Wizards 2011-2012 Season

It was a bad weekend for Washington sports. However while some are bummed over the Caps loss to the Bruins yesterday, at least they are hovering above .500 with a 27-21 record. It would take a miracle for the Washington Wizards to achieve such a feat.

This past weekend the Wizards lost to the Clippers in a 87-107 blowout. At 4-20, you would think that the funk of defeat couldn’t penetrate any deeper. This game however struck me as a moment where everything that happened just felt apropos. Much like how the entire season can be viewed while listening to the Benny Hill theme song.

The game started on a high note. Blake Griffin put up a dunk to which Nick Young rebutted with a dunk of his own. DeAndre Jordan then caught a rebound for a dunk and John Wall took the ball to the other end and throw up a lob for JaVale McGee to slam home.

Perhaps the game would at least be entertaining if not competitive? It turned out the game would be neither. The rest of the night just went down hill from there.

By halftime the Clippers led 34-58, the boos were coming in not for Andray Blatche (still out with a calf injury) but for the poor play of the Washington Professional Basketball Team. Any time Chris Paul and Griffin raced down the court on a fast break, you could hear the “oh no’s” in the crowd. It was an odd mixture of excitement for another Lob City highlight dunk and a realization of futility that the Wizards would never really be in this game.

Little things off the court started to feel right in line with the play on the court. A Wizards fan who played the shuffle game on the jumbo-tron failed to pick the shell that had G-Wiz was hiding under. During a time-out there was a trike race sponsored by the Washington Post that failed to end on-time, causing a hasty retreat from the court as the players walked on.

When play resumed things weren’t looking good for the Wizards, who only added to the long list of video lowlights. Like this one:

Capital City isn’t Lob City.

With 8:00 left in the game the Clippers had the follower players out on the court:

  • Ryan Gomes
  • Randy Foye
  • Trey Thompkins
  • Brian Cook
  • Travis Leslie

Blake Griffin was already in sweats sitting back and relaxing after putting up 21 points and a billion gazillion dunks. Late in the forth quarter the crowd cameras were put up on the screen to find the “Fan of the Game”.

At that moment the crowd was already getting up and heading for the exits with about five minutes left to play.

After the game a tired and perhaps shell-shocked Randy Wittman sat down and just stared at the box score of the game, trying to make sense of it all.

“We got dominated again in every category,” Coach Wittman managed to say after a moment of silence reading the box score and admitted that he didn’t know how to fix what just happened.

“I don’t know I’m still searching too.”

Tonight the Wizards play the Raptors in a game that should be less David and Goliath than Saturday, however the two played each other this past Friday and Toronto blew them out 89-106.

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