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Wizards Trade McGee and Young For Nene In Three-Team Deadline Trade

As the NBA Trade Deadline loomed, it appeared that the Wizards would not be able to make a deal. The Wizards have tried desperately to move team headache and fan boo favorite Andray Blatche but couldn’t find anyone to take him. The team had made it known that they would be open to trading anybody but John Wall if they would take Blatche as well. In essence Blatche became the Shipping and Handling for any deal an NBA team would make with the Wizards. Unable to move Blatche, the team looked to make changes elsewhere. According to NBA sources, the Wizards traded JaVale McGee and Ronny Turiaf to the Denver Nuggets for Nene. Also involved in the deal are the Los Angeles Clippers who will sent Brian Cook and a future second-round pick to Washington for Nick Young.

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The One Game That Represents The Wizards 2011-2012 Season

It was a bad weekend for Washington sports. However while some are bummed over the Caps loss to the Bruins yesterday, at least they are hovering above .500 with a 27-21 record. It would take a miracle for the Washington Wizards to achieve such a feat.

This past weekend the Wizards lost to the Clippers in a 87-107 blowout. At 4-20, you would think that the funk of defeat couldn’t penetrate any deeper. This game however struck me as a moment where everything that happened just felt apropos. Much like how the entire season can be viewed while listening to the Benny Hill theme song.

The game started on a high note. Blake Griffin put up a dunk to which Nick Young rebutted with a dunk of his own. DeAndre Jordan then caught a rebound for a dunk and John Wall took the ball to the other end and throw up a lob for JaVale McGee to slam home.

Perhaps the game would at least be entertaining if not competitive? It turned out the game would be neither. The rest of the night just went down hill from there.

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The Blake Show Topples The Wizards

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‘Blake Griffin’
courtesy of ‘Keith Allison’

For a 122-101 loss against The Clippers, there was something about the night that made it somewhat enjoyable.

Well at least until the last quarter.

Maybe it was the energy of the sold-out crowd or my return to the Verizon Center’s blogger’s row after a lengthy absence (I was busy watching Oscar films for much of February). Maybe it was the anticipation of watching the 2009 top overall draft pick go up against the 2010 top overall draft pick. Whatever it was I found myself having a great time with my colleagues.

However I know The Wizards can’t say the same thing. They lost. Badly.

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