Surprise Wizards Victory Over Lakers Leaves Kobe Speechless

Tonight was a weird night for the Washington Wizards. With a little over 7 minutes left to play in the third quarter the Lakers held a 21-point lead over the Wiz. That was the only normal (or at least expected) thing about tonight.

Then things got interesting. By the end of the third quarter the Washington closed to within two points. At the start of the fourth quarter the a three-pointer from Roger Mason Jr. put Washington ahead and after a thrilling end the Wizards shocked the Lakers with a 106-101 victory.

But it wasn’t just the result that was strange and unexpected.

John Wall? He shot 1-8 in the field and scored only four points. It took him almost three quarters of the game til he finally scored a basket. Nick Young led the team with 19 points, which is normal, but also racking up a career-high six assists? Certainly not.

Kobe Bryant scored 30 points by the end of the night but only had three points in the final quarter. Both Roger Mason Jr. (nine points in forth quarter, 14 points total) and Kevin Seraphin (14 points, 9 rebounds) outscored the Masked Mamba in the last 12 minutes.

Oh ya Kevin Serphin came out of nowhere and had a great game.


After the game the most sought after players weren’t Wall, McGee, or Blatche (who wasn’t really booed tonight- weird) but Seraphin and Mason.

On the other side of the Verizon Center things got even weirder inside the Visitor’s Locker Room. Most of Pau Gasol’s post-game answers were in Spanish as the foreign media pounced on him all night long.

Ronny Turiaf snuck into locker room with a mysterious blue cooler than he took into the showers to show to the players. Shady.

The weirdest thing of the night however had to be Bryant after the game. He attempted to answer the media’s questions using one or two words. Even though he tried to pull off his best Bill Belichick impersonation, he struggled to maintain composure with his odd approach to the questions.

Everything that went down tonight just seems like a weird dream. But then again the Wizards also beat the Oklahoma City Thunder earlier in the year. Maybe the team is only good against good teams. Or maybe tonight was an advantageous win against a team that has struggled to win like it has in the past.

We’ll find out more this weekend when the Portland Trailer Blazers come into town.

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3 thoughts on “Surprise Wizards Victory Over Lakers Leaves Kobe Speechless

  1. They are like the Redskins, always showing up for games against great teams, folding against everybody else.

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