We Love Weekends: May 11 – 13

Photo courtesy of tedeytan
Shaw’s Tavern DC 4170
courtesy of tedeytan

Tom: This weekend I’m headed to Atlanta to spend some time with extended family, but were I here, I’d be making the rounds of my usual haunts, including Shaw’s Tavern (whose cocktail lineup is taking shape!) and Boundary Stone (they’re serving 13th Street Meats’ Bratwurst poached in DC Brau, it’s worthy.) Before I go, though, I’ll be spending time with my friends on Thursday night at San Antonio Bar & Grill after casting my vote early for Kenyan McDuffie in the Ward 5 special election. If you live in Ward 5, consider this my firm endorsement: vote for the guy who’s not late on his debts, not taking thousands and thousands in shady bundled corporate donation, and not the former employee of Marion Barry, Michael Brown and Kwame Brown. That’s Kenyan. So vote up, Ward 5.

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Cheverly Day 09 – 6-6-09
courtesy of mosley.brian

Mosley: CHEVERLY DAY!  Sorry for that, but one of my favorite days out of the year is on Saturday: Cheverly Day.  It’s a day I get to drink outside, in a beer garden, and it’s socially acceptable; in fact, I’m donating money to a church to do it!  I also get to see the best firework display in the area.  And I get to eat a ton of bad festival food!  What more do you need for a great day?  Other than that, it’ll be a generally quiet, peaceful weekend; I’m so looking forward to it.

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Always Moving
courtesy of KatieFielding

Natalia: After much travel, I’m excited to spend the weekend in the District and catch up on all that’s been going on here. On Friday, I am headed to the Hirshhorn to finally see Doug Aitken’s Song 1 in an event that will bring together live music by No Age, High Places, Oneohtrix Point Never and Nicolas Jaar. Art, music, and a bar? Sounds like the weekend trifecta. Saturday’s weather permitting, I’ll head to the Georgetown waterfront for a picnic and pick up some serious sandwiches from Stachowski‘s new shop, which opened just over a week ago on 28th Street in the former Griffin Market space. Saturday night I want to check out ESL’s newest venture Chez Billy . Sunday, it’s mama’s day… so I’ll be toasting to my mom from afar and cooking in her honor with whatever seasonal ingredients I pick up at the Dupont Farmer’s Market that morning.

Photo courtesy of Kevin H.
courtesy of Kevin H.

Carl: I will be out of town this weekend to take my Dad to the Mount Hope Brewfest up in PA. I will also be bringing him a couple bottles of the easiest stout beer I have ever made. On Sunday Beautiful Girlfriend and I will visit her mother and drive home to pass out after a full weekend. If I were in town, I would probably try to get some champagne and fried chicken with BG and take her to whatever is playing at the AFI theatre in Silver Spring and sneak in some Paczki if I could find some.

Photo courtesy of MudflapDC
courtesy of MudflapDC

Joanna: It’s the end of the semester for my ever-busy law school student hubs, so we’re celebrating with a trip to Europe! Before you get too jealous, we’re doing the student loan-friendly version: the E.U. Embassies’ Open House. As fans of Eastern Europe, we plan to start with the yellow route and go from there. For weeks we’ve been wanting a Sunday picnic at Gravelly Point, but our plans for that keep getting rained out – maybe this is the magic weekend. And we’re ending the festivities at the Arlington Drafthouse to see The Grey. Hopefully watching a bunch of roughnecks brave the Alaskan wilderness with a pack of wild wolves at their heels won’t bring up too many memories of my man’s first year of law school…

Photo courtesy of maxedaperture
courtesy of maxedaperture

Fedward: DC has Rickey Month and the Repeal Day Ball; New Orleans has Tales of the Cocktail; New York has the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, which coincides with World Cocktail Week. So it’s not in DC, but if you knew of a good party wouldn’t you want to go? That’s where I’ll be all weekend. There is at least a minor DC angle, though. As one of a few big trade events it’s a big draw for DC area spirits producers and bartenders. I know representatives from Catoctin Creek and Chairman’s Reserve will be at Tuesday’s Indie Spirits Expo, and I know of several DC bartenders attending the industry invitational (and will inevitably run into more DC locals once I’m there). Friday’s opening gala is sold out, and it’s too late to register for the trade part of the trade show, but tickets are still available for many public events, including Saturday’s “Gentleman’s Cocktail Crawl” (six drink tickets, five hours, black tie encouraged). Are you going? Leave a note in the comments!

Photo courtesy of tdr28
courtesy of tdr28

Don: I’m going for homebody of the year this weekend. My darling wife comes home from a week-long work trip so we’ll probably want to mostly canoodle on the sofa with the pup. So long as one can canoodle while screaming “SUCK IT, RANGERS” at the tv during Saturday’s game seven between the Cap and NY. that is. My sole possibly planned outing might be Pasties and Popcorn, a little burlesque and screening of some DC Shorts over on H St.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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