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This post is by Tom Bridge and WLDC Alum Dave Levy

Tom: We started We Love DC because we didn’t see enough of ourselves in the writing that was happening in our city. There were some fine blogs, some fine news outlets, but none of them represented us. So we set out to start writing one of our own.

Dave: Learning what it is to have a voice – a unique voice – in a city that has so many opinions was one of my favorite experiences of living down in the DMV. The opportunity to first read the great perspective at We Love DC and then eventually be given a chance to contribute helped me love my DC experience. Over the last year and change since I moved away from the region back to my hometown in Boston, I’ve missed that for sure.

Tom: When Dave came to talk to me about starting something new in Boston, something like We Love DC, I jumped at the chance. The narrative opportunities in a city like Boston, rich in history, rich in culture, and steeped in local milieu, well, they’re every writer’s dream.

Dave: To be fair, Boston doesn’t have the same local blog scene as DC, for reasons we won’t get into here. There are plenty of cool voices, but we thought it was missing one: The “We Love” attitude of featuring the best parts about our city from the point of view of people who love it. Fellow WLDC alum Dan Rowinski and dueling pianist/returning Jeopardy! champion Jarret Izzo were keen on the idea, too, and we found a group of amazing writers who are ready to talk about what in Boston drives them.

Tom: We saw in Dan, Dave and Jarret a chance to do the same for another city that is underserved by its online writers, and we can’t wait to see what they do. We’ve got a preview of what they’re up to, and safe to say, it’s up to our standards.

Dave: Thanks to the truly incredible support of the We Love DC team, we have something new to for you to love. Especially if you love Beantown.

Join us, won’t you? We Love Beantown is open for business at the fancy new, on Twitter at @WeLoveBeantown and with its own community photo group (that you are free to join!) on Flickr.

Dave Levy is a PR guy by day, a media researcher on the side and a self-proclaimed geek. He blogs often about how traditional media adapts – or tries to adapt – to the growing digital media world at State of the Fourth Estate. You can follow Dave on Twitter for various updates about everything from sports from his previous home in Boston to eccentric and obscure pop culture references. Read why Dave loves D.C.

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