Food Truck Tracker

Photo courtesy of Fedward Potz
Exquisitos Platos
courtesy of Fedward Potz

Grab the nearest co-worker and head out to a food truck for lunch. Do both of yourselves a favor though and don’t talk about work for the next hour. Just enjoy the empanada/sandwich/cupcake/taco/pho/insert-other-food-from-a-truck.

Marissa was born and bred in New Jersey, but moved to DC for undergrad at GWU (Go Colonials, go!), fell in love with the District and learned that there was life and civilization beyond New York City. She loves eating at white-tablecloth-three-forks-at-your-place-setting restaurants, but she’ll also be the first to suggest we scarf down some chili dogs at 2 am. Simply put, she loves all things food. You can also read about why she loves DC. Follow her on Twitter and email her at mbialecki (at)

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