Week in Review

Week In Review: 6/24-6/27

Well, this has been an exhausting week, hasn’t it? Just all of the SCOTUS stuff, both good and bad, would exhaust anyone. Add in all these storms we’ve been having and it’s a perfect recipe for tiring everyone out. Good news is we have a lazy week coming up for the Fourth, so it should even things out.

And more good news: it’s Friday, so we get to taking a breather and look back over the past week in photos. Put your feet up, look like you’re doing “research,” and just space out over some great pics for the next few minutes. You’ll appreciate it. Continue reading

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Hot Ticket: Totally 80s Summer Tour @ Tally Ho Theatre, Leesburg, Va., 6/29/13

Martha Davis (Photo courtesy of The Motels)

Martha Davis (Photo courtesy of The Motels)

The Motels, Bow Wow Wow and Gene Loves Jezebel have put together a tour and they are coming to the DC metro area! It’s been a long time since these bands were on the charts in 1983 — but this show 30 years later at the Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg, Va., should prove to be a rare treat for new wave afficionados like myself.

The incomporable Martha Davis heads up the Motels, best known for their songs “Only the Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer.” Davis has been active touring the west coast from her native California in recent years, and it’s good to see her finally get out our way. The Motels are billed as Martha Davis and the Motels these days, and she’s reported to be touring with a new group of musicians to include  Nick Johns (bass/keyboard), Eric Gardner (drums), Clint Walsh (guitar) and Brady Wills (bass). I’ve always been an admirer of Davis’ voice on her band’s new wave, often wistful, slightly melancholy reflections on love, loss and the passage of time.

Bow Wow Wow originally consisted of rowdy Brits helmed by vocalist Annabella Lwin. It seems Lwin is no longer in this incarnation of the band, after making a minor splash reincarnating the band during Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Now bassist Leigh Gorman soldiers on with new lead singer Chloe Pappas. It should be interesting to catch the new lineup tackle classics like “I Want Candy” and “C·30 C·60 C·90 Go,” famously known for being the song on the world’s first cassingle.

Gothy Gene Loves Jezebel originally consisted of twin brothers Michael Aston and Jay Aston. The thematically darker Michael know tours in the current version of Gene Loves Jezebel, playing classic songs like “Desire” while also playing newer material such as 2003′s “Exploding Girls.”

This will be my first trip out to Tally Ho, so it’s a great opportunity to take a look at a different venue. Join me there for a voyage back to 1983!

Totally 80s Summer Tour
w/ Martha Davis and the Motels, Bow Wow Wow, Gene Loves Jezebel
Tally Ho Theatre
19 West Market Street
Leesburg, Va. 20176
Saturday, June 29
Doors 7pm
All ages

Sports Fix

Nats Drop A Close One to Arizona in Extras, Fall 3-2 in the 11th

fisheye nats park
courtesy of philliefan99

The Washington Nationals could not complete a three-game series sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday night and fell 3-2 in the eleventh inning putting them back at .500 as they head to New York to play the Mets this weekend. Despite seven strong innings from right-handed starter Stephen Strasburg, the Nats offense lost its momentum from the past couple days.

Washington managed to tally eight hits but stranded eight runners with just two runs to show for it. Both runs came in the fourth inning on a two-out solo homerun off the bat of Ian Desmond against Arizona’s left-handed starter Patrick Corbin. Desmond hit his thirteenth homerun this season to the visitor’s bullpen in left field and is now the team’s homerun leader after passing Bryce Harper in the standings of that statistic. Continue reading

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: June 28-30

Joanna: I’m starting out this weekend with the Fringe Festival preview. That’s right, folks: Fringe is back! And so is manic coverage from your committed (and soon-to-be-institutionally-committed) theater team. The festival starts July 11, and buttons/tickets/passes are on sale now. On Saturday I’m catching Lake Untersee at the Source Festival – a new play set in Antarctica and developed by DC new works incubator The Inkwell. Somewhere in the middle I’ve also got to recycle my old toner at the MOMs E-Cycle Celebration. I have 3 reminders set, because that empty toner cartridge has been waiting to get recycled for nearly three years while I keep forgetting. At this point, I think it might have a better memory than I do.

Tom: Summer in DC means life’s little pleasures to avoid the heat. Despite all the “controversy“, I’ll be at Turkey Thicket pool to get some swimming in this weekend, followed by a trip up to Rita’s for some italian ice and to support our local spots. While I’m not ready to take my hand at golf, like Max suggested, I might be up for disc golf in college park.

Fedward: More packing!  Saturday we’ll take a break and celebrate the Niecelets’ seventh (hello seven) birthday at Upshur Pool (no controversy there!).  Sunday we have to miss the opening of Wakka Wakka Productions’ Baby Universe at Studio Theatre, but we look forward to seeing it once we’re settled into our new house. Being in crunch mode, we might even miss our usual brunch at the Passenger. And at some point we need to get to Ace Beverage and Calvert Woodley, both to restock our own depleted whiskey supply (buying a house is hard) and to pick up thank you gifts for people who have helped (ditto).  What Champagne goes with New House?

Mosley: For me, this weekend is all about the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival.  I’ve enjoyed it so much over the last few years, and I really looking forward to exploring the Hungarian culture part of it this year.  And I’m always looking forward to seeing what kind of food they are serving down there too.  Beyond that, I think it’s just conserving my energy for next week; the 4th of July is always packed full of things to do and not enough energy to do them all.

Jenn: I’m off to NYC this weekend to see Sleep No More again (what? you haven’t seen it yet? get on up there, they can’t keep extending it forever!) but if I weren’t I would definitely be at Tropicalia this Friday night to dance like mad to some bubu music as Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang take the stage at 10pm. Also that night the Hirshhorn Museum is open for a special summer preview from 7pm-10pm for sneak peeks at new exhibitions and gallery talks. You could also enjoy the marriage of science fiction and puppet theater as Baby Universe opens at Studio Theatre, featuring puppets and animation for what’s bound to be an intriguing ride. Plus the Hong Kong Film Festival at the Freer begins! Don’t forget to eat. Maybe a tower of seafood at Le Diplomate, or a burger on the deck at Red Derby. And of course, you know I’m going to say sherry and ham at Mockingbird Hill. Lots of choices to kickstart summer fun.

Don: My weekend is mercifully unencumbered, though I suspect I will be shamed into some prepwork around the house in anticipation of my parents’ visit next week. Personally I think That Darned Baby should be a free pass to live as slovenly a life as we choose but my wife disagrees. With Capital Weather Gang saying we’ve got an unpredictable storm/sun situation coming I may just sit on my butt and try to build a Spotify playlist of all the bands represented there that are mentioned in this neat City Paper article on DC-area ska bands. The only thing really calling my name – other than the usual Passenger brunch with Fedward and his Social Chair – is Taffety Punk’s “The Rape of Lucrece” that they’re putting on Friday night at the Black Cat.

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We Love Arts: Rosemary Feit Covey’s Red Handed

Sometimes we experience works of art that embody both beauty and horror. The old word for this, now sadly devalued, was “awesome.” I hope artist Rosemary Feit Covey will forgive me for using that word to describe her current complete gallery installation, Red Handed. It is simply awesome.

Recently I visited Morton Fine Art to watch as Covey installed the work under the gentle eye of curator Amy Morton, spreading vinyl pieces across the floor. Even in that unfinished state before opening, it had undeniable power. Swirling vortexes of bald, nude figures, mouths open and arms red to the fingertips, soon covered the floor. I stepped gingerly over their faces, having no other option but to participate in their torture. It’s impossible to look away from the unsettling mass of bodies under your feet. It feels disrespectful. Jarring.

Guilty. Continue reading

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The Insider’s Guide: Golfing in the City

With summer heat comes the heart of golf season. The AT&T National is this weekend in Bethesda, and August’s PGA Championships round out this year’s crop of majors.

I prefer other sports (and can’t sit through a minute of golf on TV), but on a hot summer day, far away from a river, ocean, or pool, the mood to compete at something that doesn’t involve running occasionally does strike. It did this past Sunday, when I visited the driving range at DC’s East Potomac Golf Course.

DC has three public golf courses, unbeknownst to many, and there’s a good chance that you’ve passed at least one of them without realizing it. The East Potomac Golf Course sits on Thomas Jefferson’s marble doorstep within spitting distance of the Mall. The Rock Creek Golf Course is at 16th Street and Military, in the bloated belly-section of DC’s largest parks system. And the Langston Golf Course has called Benning Road home, just past where H Street ends, since 1939.

All three locations have 18-hole courses, a pro-shop, carts and clubs for rent, and extremely reasonable greens fees. The East Potomac and Langston courses also sport driving ranges and full-service restaurants. My favorite thing about any of them, however, is the White Course at East Potomac. It’s an easy and fun 9-hole course with no holes longer than a par-4, making it perfect for a quick jaunt with friends, an outing with the family, or a practice session for beginners like myself.

It may not be a world-class stretch of links, but for $13/person on weekdays and $16/person on weekends, it’s an absolute steal. Weekday greens fees at Congressional – where the AT&T National is hosted – sit somewhere around $165.

Note: The official DC website for these courses is awful (www.golfdc.com), but it does let you reserve tee times online, and provides some additional information for those brave enough to explore.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Such a wonderful abstract photo from puddlegal9 of the Hirshhorn courtyard. Take a moment to look at the shot; you’ll quickly see all the wonderful lines going every which way. In addition to the straight lines, there are a number of curved circles and other shapes which contribute to the pleasing sight. But the part that fascinates me the most is the appearance that the photograph is a flat surface, when, in fact, the Hirshhorn is round; this effect was achieved through smart composition. Truly, a great photo.

The Daily Feed

Bryce Harper 1-1 in First Rehab Appearance

When I arrived at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Virginia at 5:30 PM I wasn’t expecting the gates to be open. They normally don’t open until an hour before first pitch for minor league games, but there they were standing wide open and welcoming me in. I went to look at the line-ups and was greeted by the familiar names of Burns, Martinson, and Keyes, but batting second for the P-Nats on this night was rehabbing big league phenom Bryce Harper. At 20 years old Harper is young for high A. In fact he is younger than every single member of the P-Nats roster, but there he is a rehabbing big leaguer, a truly rare talent.

That talent was on display early as Harper in his first at bat in the bottom of the first inning hit what was ruled a double. It was more of a pop-up between the short stop and left fielder that was dropped. Harper sprinted around first and went into second standing up. He showed the old Harper hustle on that play and it did not appear that the knee was bothering him one bit.

Continue reading

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We Love Music: Firefly Music Festival @ The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway, Dover, DE — 6/21-6/23/13

Audience at Firefly (Photo by Theo Wargo, Getty Images)

Audience at Firefly (Photo by Theo Wargo, Getty Images)

The second annual Firefly Music Festival grew impressively this year, spreading its wings in The Woodlands, located behind the Dover International Speedway in Dover, Del. Located roughly 100 miles from Washington, DC, Firefly is poised to become the biggest east coast festival of all next year.

I attended the Coachella Valley Music Festival for the first time this year as well in April, and I can attest the grounds for the three-day Firefly are even larger and more diverse than the grounds for Coachella. Via The Woodlands, Firefly offers four large stages; several wooded entertainment areas for hammocks, films and dancing; and huge tracts of land where businesses like the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery literally can build a barn and run half a dozen beer bars inside.

The festival itself was orderly and well run but at the same time the atmosphere seemed a lot more rock and roll than the manicured polo lawns of Coachella. About 30,000 people attended Firefly in its first year and festival organizers were calling for twice as many this year.

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Have You Seen This Panda?

Rusty the Red Panda

This is Rusty, the National Zoo’s Red Panda. He went missing from his enclosure late yesterday or early today and is on the lam here in DC.

Red Pandas, unlike their more famous brethren, are arboreals, which mean they live in the trees, and an escaped panda may be up in some of DC’s famous foliage. The Zoo would, however, like this cute little guy returned. If you see Rusty anywhere, and he’s not hanging out with Vlad Putin and Edward Snowden at the time, please give the Zoo a call at 202.633.4888

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The Winning Ticket: Wild Child @ The Hamilton, 7/25/13

Wild Child. Photo courtesy of the band.

Wild Child. Photo courtesy of the band.

We Love DC is giving one lucky reader a pair of tickets to see Wild Child at The Hamilton on Tuesday, June 25. The 2013 Austin Music Award winners for Best Indie Band and Best Folk Band join together with Shakey Graves and Marmalakes to showcase Austin’s finest in their final performance on The Outside City Limits Tour.

Here are the rules: leave a comment on this post with a valid e-mail address (only one entry per e-mail, please) between 11am today and 9am tomorrow. Comments for the giveaway will close after 9am Tuesday, June 25. All comments will be appreciated, but only one comment will be randomly selected. The winner will be notified by e-mail. The winner must respond to our email within two hours or they will forfeit their tickets and we will pick another winner.

The winner will be on the guest list (plus one) at The Hamilton the night of the concert. The tickets must be claimed with a valid ID. The winner must be old enough to attend the specific concert or must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if he/she is under 18 years old.

I had a chance to talk to Wild Child in advance of the show, and to me, this band is a simple reminder that fancy has nothing to do with the finer things in life. They’re about loved ones, dogs, and favorite tacos. They value the haze of lazy days. They are grateful for summer house parties. They appreciate above average pizza. Basically, they’re just like us, except way more talented and play great live shows. Formerly consisting of acoustic duo Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins, Wild Child wistfully strummed the enchanting vulnerability of a rocky relationship into their 2010 album “Pillow Talk.” Now armed with keys, drums, and strings, the band has evolved into a seven-piece indie-folk powerhouse with harmonious surprises up its sleeve.

Tickets for this show can also be purchased through The Hamilton’s website.

Wild Child
W/ Shakey Grave & Marmalakes
The Hamilton
Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Show @ 7:30
Tickets $17

Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 6/21-6/23

The “Super Moon” has come and gone. Now we don’t have to deal with all those covered up cases of lycanthropy…don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about! How else do you explain all that howling in Adams Morgan on Friday and Saturday nights?

Anyways…oh, yes, the Flashback. Photos! Another grand selection. Enjoy them with your morning cup of joe or bakery confection. And I will stop using fancy words and phrases now, so you can enjoy this post; which is ~14% bigger in honor of this latest full moon. Continue reading

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Jun 21-23

 On Friday night I have a surprise date planned for someone who just might read this post – so… let’s just say it will be epic and skip forward to Saturday. I’m walking a solid few miles on the Mt. Vernon Trail in the morning and hope to finish on a quiet  back street in Georgetown (quiet? wish me luck on that one). Then I’m using a gift card to Farmers Fishers Bakers and probably splurging for a cupcake at Baked and Wired – all before heading to an advance screening of White House Down. You know the formula: massive explosions + cute little kid + president in danger = Roland Emmerich. Sunday? I have actually written the word “NOTHING” into my to-do list. Judge not, lest you be cursed with my kind of tired.

Max: Despite keeping close track of the team, I’ve still not made it to a Nationals game this season. Part of it has been bad timing; part of it has been disappointment at watching the tribulations of team I can only describe as a teenager with mood swings (kind of like…Bryce Harper). Anyway, I’ll be going to two games in a row this week, Thursday and Friday, to make up for the lapse and help push us back to .500. On Saturday, I’m going to watch a movie that I spent over a year working on play at the AFI Docs Fest (formerly SilverDocs). The film is called Life According to Sam and tickets are available to screenings on Saturday and Sunday. After that, I’m going to play in my flag football league before heading out with some friends for dinner and bar hopping in Chinatown. On Sunday, I’m going to check off another item from my summer list by heading to Harper’s Ferry for my first river float of the season. I’ll be the guy in a cowboy hat cruising down the river on an air mattress.

Tom: The weekend! Those days when we’re not supposed to work, but chances are, we do anyway! With the Nationals in town, you will catch me out at Nationals Park testing out my new Eephus League Scorebook and hoping the Nationals get their shit together in some reasonable time scale. I’ll also be trying out the delicious new Ethiopian fare at Askale Cafe in Brookland as part of their soft opening, as well as Arcuri over in Glover Park (their mozzarella sticks are homemade and entirely amazing).

Rebecca:  Friday after a LONG ass week and the presentation of a BIG work deliverable, I’ll be enjoying a long over due happy hour with WeLoveDC’s Katie Test. I’m letting her pick the place as I’ll be brain dead at that point, so be sure to check in with her on our Friday whereabouts. Saturday, it’s some beach volleyball on The Mall courts and then dinner and margaritas at Cactus Cantina. Post dinner the crew and I will likely the somewhat newly opened Black Whiskey on 14th. Sunday, brunch at Pulpo is on order followed by some much needed maintenance and planting at my Victory Garden. If I feel up to it, I’ll grab some crab cakes at Wagshal’s market for dinner; they’re seriously the best in town.

Mosley: An uncharacteristically eventful weekend for me.  On Friday I’m heading down to the Sculpture Garden for their weekly Jazz in the Garden.  It’s always a great experience, with a huge crowd, good music, and beautiful scenery.  Saturday is the lazy day of the weekend where I’m probably just going to hang out at my neighborhood pool, soaking up some rays.  And Sunday is the big event: family get-together at the Nationals game against the Rockies.  It’s Bryce Harper bobblehead day, so my inner child will be super happy!

Fedward: Last time the Social Chair and I moved, we took a few months to throw out accumulated stuff and pack at our leisure, but this time we’ve got three weeks.  So, from now until the day the movers come, most of our free time is going to be spent packing.  If we didn’t have that going on, the first stop of the weekend on Friday night would be Dupont Circle Park, for the Golden Triangle BID’s Golden Cinema Series’ presentation of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Saturday I’d grab my camera for the Through the Lens photographers’ tour of the National Building Museum. And Sunday we can’t miss brunch at the Passenger, because it’s the only thing keeping us going right now.

Jenn: Continuing my art saturation this weekend. Friday night will see me at Morton Fine Art for the opening of local artist Rosemary Feit Covey’s incredible installation piece, Red Handed. Saturday is Dana Ellyn’s open studio in advance of her Bar Crawl series opening next weekend, and the kickoff for the exciting LUMEN8ANACOSTIA festival. It’s also closing weekend for the absolutely fantastic Woolly Mammoth production of Stupid Fucking Bird, so if you haven’t seen this Chekhov mash-up yet, get on it. I’ll need cocktails, of course, so perhaps a jaunt over to Red Hen where Sebastian Zutant is bringing back Galliano, or Proof for Adam Bernbach’s gin masterpieces, or Mockingbird Hill to sip Chantal Tseng’s sherry and tea concoction. No matter what I end up doing, I’m determined to spread some happiness.

Week in Review

Week In Review: 6/17-6/20

On this day, the Summer Solstice, I’d like to get in touch with my Celtic heritage by planting a tree. This is mainly so I can have something to burn in December when I get in touch with my Norse heritage in December. A funny kind of symmetry in all this.

We have some truly excellent photos in today’s Review, so be sure to click through and check them out. And we hope the start of summer is treating you well! Continue reading

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Hot Ticket: Firefly Music Festival @ The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway, Dover, DE, 6/21-6/23/13

Concert-goers at Firefly Music Festival in 2012
The second annual Firefly Music Festival kicks off in Dover, Del., today. As of press time, the festival still has some single day tickets left for each day — Friday, Saturday and Sunday — of the festival.

As someone who moved to Delaware as a teenager and attended the University of Delaware as an undergrad, I’m fairly impressed that my former state has become host to a contender for the largest outdoor indie music festival in these parts. Potential traffic aside, it’s usually an easy hop from DC to Dover, so it may be something to consider for the weekend if there are bands or DJs playing that you might want to see. We have the perfect weather for it this weekend, after all.

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The Winning Ticket: Morrison Brothers Band @ 9:30 Club, 7/11/13


As a way to say thanks to our loyal readers, We Love DC will be giving away a pair of tickets to a 9:30 Club concert to one lucky reader periodically. Keep your eyes open for opportunities at 9am once a week or so to find out what tickets we’re giving away and leave a comment for your chance to be the lucky winner!

Today, we are giving away a pair of tickets to see the Morrison Brothers Band at 9:30 Club on Thursday, July 11, as they throw a CD release party for their third album, State of the Union, with a show. The Morrison Brothers Band, a southern rock sextet from our own DC, has been playing a lot of shows around town lately, whether at The Hamilton, Hill Country or the 9:30 Club. Armed with a bunch of new songs, the band cites influences like The Allman Brothers Band, Little Feat, The Black Crowes and Sam Cooke.

Continue reading

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Phil, our resident Osprey contributor, has really outdone himself with this photo. The bird is not only in caught in a dramatic pose, but also while carrying a branch for nest building, which helps to give the raptor a sense of scale. Notice the symmetry of the wings is almost perfect, allowing the pattern in the feathers to be shown off to its best. In fact, it’s such a great effect that it takes a moment to realize that the bird’s eyes are clearly visible and looking straight into the camera. Isolating the raptor is also an excellent framing decision, as it allows the viewer to not be distracted by objects in the background and focus all their attention on the bird. Very well done!

If you’re wondering how someone could get such amazing photographs, know that it’s a matter of two things: investing time and knowing the animal you shoot. Phil has been going to the same Osprey nest for at least five years (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009). As well, knowing that Osprey nest in the same location over their adult breeding lifespan, helps Phil to know he can always come back year after year to this nest at Belle Haven Marina to see these birds. Knowing other behavioral traits also helps him anticipate what the birds will do, which helps gets better photos. Two simple things, but they make all the difference with wildlife photos.

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He Loves DC: Don Michael Mendoza

Photo Courtesy of Don Michael Mendoza

Photo Courtesy of Don Michael Mendoza

She/He Loves DC is a series highlighting the people who love this city just as much as we do.

Don Michael Mendoza is charismatic. By day Mendoza works with VIDA Fitness flexing the communications skills he obtained at DC’s American University. By night he’s an actor who performs all over the greater-DC area while working with a wide array of theater companies including brief stints in New York for various creative projects.

He’s also been able to channel that charisma into creating something he believes DC had been lacking – a musical theater cabaret and spoken word series. Mendoza co-founded and now co-hosts the award-winning weekly series La-Ti-Do at Black Fox Lounge in Dupont Circle with friend Regie Cabico. The pair established the idea in the fall of 2011 before launching the series in its official capacity in January 2012. Ever since then, the show’s audience continues to grow and the night-of talent is of the highest caliber available.

Mendoza takes immense pride in being able to provide this type of creative outlet for both audience members and performers alike. So if you find yourself at a La-Ti-Do performance, just know that what you’re seeing is most certainly a labor of love.

What is it about DC that makes it home to you?

DC was where I was born and lived before my family moved to Pittsburgh when I was 4. However, we always made trips here often because we have a lot of family friends here, so it’s really an extension of my hometown. I officially made my return here in 2006 when I attended American University where I was able to get my own feet planted here and staying here after graduation was the natural choice for me.

Continue reading

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Air Sex Championships Rock H-Street

“It can be absolutely hilarious, painful, provocative, just plain bad, surprisingly good… I guess, rather like sex itself,” is what Jenn wrote in an e-mail after we got word that the Air Sex World Championships Tour were thrusting its way into H-Street’s Rock & Roll Hotel this past weekend. I’ve heard of the event before, if you think the idea of an Air Guitar Championship is silly, I don’t want to know what you think of the idea of pretending to have sex on a stage. In front of a crowd of people.

What I saw that night was more than petty stage humping or imaginary love-making, honestly I don’t know how to describe what I saw that night. Luckily I took photos, you can judge for yourself.

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Weekend Flashback

Weekend Flashback: 6/14-6/16

Well, we’re into summer! Great, warm weather and nice sunny skies…assuming it’s not the afternoon, which can be rainy. But anyways, we hope everyone had a great Flag Day on Friday and a equally great Father’s Day on Sunday; it certainly was a great weekend for celebrating people and things. Looks like the sun will be peeking in and out of clouds all week, so enjoy any great weather you can.

Getting back to the weekend, with great weather comes great photos, as our photo contributors aren’t cooped up inside all the time. And they came through again with another great crop of photos; enjoy them! Continue reading