We Love Weekends: Nov 22-24

Rachel: It’s a music-filled weekend for me! We’ll start things off at Ebenezers Coffeehouse on Friday night while Tiffany Thompson and Amanda Lee serenade the room. These two ladies are spectacular entertainers and well worth hearing live. I encourage you to stop by and hang with us. Then, Saturday’s a big day. Fellow singer-songwriter Louisa Hall and I are going to THREE shows … or at least we’re trying to. We’ll start with a Ben Folds “Master Session” at the Kennedy Center in the afternoon followed by dinner on H Street before popping into Rock & Roll Hotel for The Circus Life Podcast LIVE show featuring The Cowards Choir, The Sweater Set, The Justin Trawick Group, M.H. & His Orchestra, and Black Masala. And then, we’ll round out the night in Adams Morgan to watch one of my favorite people — Don Kim — perform as part of The Capital City Showcase. All in all, a busy and crazy fun weekend of music!

Rebecca: It’s a jam packed weekend for me starting with some QT with WeLoveDC editor and fellow whiskey lover Jenn. We’ll be grabbing drinks and food at Drafting Table before hitting the modern disco-dance party Escort will be laying down at the Blackcat. Saturday it’s brunch with the WeLoveDC gang to organize and get some new initiatives going – more to come on that in the coming months, so keep tuned. Then I’m FINALLY catching a DC Rollergirls bout at the DC Armory at 4pm. I’m super pumped to learn the rules and watch the ladies battle. Sunday will mostly be dedicated to resting up from my Friday and Saturday, but I will hit the 930 club to catch Lissie and bond with my inner girl rocker.

Tom: If it’s the last weekend before Thanksgiving, that means it’s cranberry relish weekend. You get two bags of cranberries, an apple and a good orange, and an old-fashioned hand-crank meat grinder. Wash the produce, core the apple, and then slice the orange and apple like you remember from soccer games. Put the produce, peels and all, through the meat grinder on a coarse grind. Add some sugar to taste, and you’ve got the best cranberry sauce out there. It also has enough Vitamin C to brutalize colds all winter long.

Fedward:  Woo! Nine-day weekend!  Next week I’m taking comp days earned working through the Labor Day weekend in honor of, well, everything, so I won’t go back to work until December.  Friday’s my birthday, Monday is the anniversary of my first date with the Social Chair, and then there’s Thanksgiving.  It won’t all be fun and games as we do have to finish unpacking so there’s room for my family to stay over Christmas, but I plan to enjoy my time off as much as possible.  This weekend there’s not a whole lot on the calendar.  Friday night we’re hosting a party at home.  Saturday we might treat ourselves to dinner out somewhere (maybe so-hot-right-now Rose’s Luxury, maybe runner-up Doi Moi) but we have no set plans.  We may also try to squeeze in Mies Julie on either Saturday or Sunday before it closes. Sunday we’ll close with our usual Passenger brunch, and Monday you might find the Social Chair and me at Bedrock Billiards in honor of our first date.

Jenn: I’m loading up on the coconut water now, in extreme hydration preparation for this weekend. An old theater friend I haven’t seen in some fourteen years is hitting DC after a long absence, and it’s about time. Back in the day we were part of a tribe that rivaled the exploits of O’Toole, Harris, Burton and Reed, so…it’s going to be quite the reunion. As he completely missed the 14th Street revitalization, I’ll be sure to take him on a crawl up the strip: champagne and steak tartare at Le Diplomate (“wasn’t this a dry cleaners?”), pizza at Ghibellina, punch at 2 Birds 1 Stone, and a return to Bar Pilar just to prove the oldies still rock (new cocktail menu, Papa Hemingway!). Then we’ll waltz up U Street to show off sexy Tropicalia, down some beers at Dodge City, and breeze by a birthday party at Brixton. After that he’ll be completely shocked by the development on 7th Street, my new digs, enjoying sherry and ham at Mockingbird Hill before slurping oyster shooters (and probably everything else on the amazing food menu) at Eat the Rich. That’s just the appetizer portion of the evening! Plenty more to hit. There are new cocktails at Daikaya, and tiki nuevo at Hogo, and my god, what about H Street? Good grief, I better take him to Baby Wale for dinner first. It’s going to be a long night. I take my role as a DC ambassador very seriously, and I vow that my San Franciscan comrade is going to leave singing our praises. Or die in the attempt.

Paul: Okay I wish I could clone myself this weekend, or at least semi-retire, because there are just too many things to do! I’m planning to shirk a bunch of professional obligations in order to see Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles at The Dumbarton House. Then it’s off from a night at the theatre to get dirty and sweaty at Jimmy Valentine’s Tropic of Bass because alcohol-fueled dance parties are the only form of exercise I can fit into my schedule. Saturday means Movember Pride on H Street, where I’m finally going to cash in on this lip warmer with deals at Dangerously Delicious and the Queen Vic. After a night of slinging drinks followed by a long seat warming session at The Pug Saturday, I’m going to revive my groggy, bleary-eyed self at The Grill Room’s Sausage and Rye Brunch. Here’s hoping drinking rye whiskey in sunglasses doesn’t violate the dress code. Then any free time I have between now and Sunday evening will be spent under my covers with many mugs o’ gløgg, celebrating my favorite winter tradition: hygge.

Don: It’s the last free weekend of November for me, what with Thanksgiving coming up and family things consuming the days after the turkey gorging. So that means a little pre-family relaxation and home improvement. Friday is a little combined birthday celebration and that’s about all the baby-free time we get. Saturday, if the rain holds out, we may take the sprog on a stroll – either go-tos Roosevelt Island or the National Zoo or maybe just the path along Rock Creek. Sunday will be reserved for preparing for the onslaught holiday.

Esther:  On the weekend before Americans give thanks for turkey, cranberry sauce, and football, I decided to participate in a bit of USA pride myself by taking a stroll down one of the most famous streets in the country– Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  Starting with a fall food favorite (and relative of the Thanksgiving sweet potato), I plan on indulging in a lunch of warm butternut salad and butternut squash agnolotti at 701 Restaurant.  Following a sumptuous afternoon feast, I’m going to take in the new Anchorman: The Exhibit at the Newseum because I enjoy wearing polyester leisure suits and listening to jazz flute.  Plus, I just have to stay classy, San Diego.  Continuing along the inaugural parade route, I plan on paying my respects to the American men and women who have served this country at the United States Navy Memorial.  While recognizing our Naval service-persons on Pennsylvania Avenue, I also plan on getting a photo op with a little-known memorial dedicated to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who asked that, if a memorial was created to him, it be a stone slab no larger than his desk and placed in front of the National Archives.  Evening will find me at the National Theatre for the world premiere of If/Then, starring Broadway sensation Idina Menzel.  After the show, I will warm up with an adult beverage at The Round Robin Bar in the historic Willard Hotel.  And no visit to Pennsylvania Avenue would be complete without a visit to number 1600, the White House, where I’m hoping to catch a glance of the finest American ever– Bo the dog.  Happy Thanksgiving, Bo.  Hope you get some turkey in your dish.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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