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Places To Buy Local Food in DC Year-Round

The dregs of winter are upon us. Where does one buy food that aligns with one’s hippie local, organic beliefs in the dead season?

Here are the places I get excited to grocery shop in the winter:

  • Smucker Farms of Lancaster Co. on 14th St. NW: This little grocery store is my idea of heaven. Local everything, including local dried goods, pastas and even some pre-prepped meals for you to grab and go.
  • Union Market on 5th NE: Meat, cheese, veggies, breads, coffee, tea, spices… is there anything you need to whip up a meal you can’t find here?
  • Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market on 20th St. NW on Sundays: Just in case you thought it was summer-only, the city’s best farmer’s market is still kicking in winter. Crab cakes, greens, milk, eggs, you still need these basics.

What did I miss? Leave it in the comments for the greater good!

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Where to Get Those Knives of Yours Sharpened

Ok, so here’s the deal. Sharp knives are awesome, safer than dull knives and way more fun to cook with. So you should stop procrastinating and just go to and buy new knives.

1) Union Market. DC Mobile Sharpening has a pop up in Union Market and I dropped off my knives while I gallivanted around and drank lots of cocktails at Buffalo & Bergen, ate lots of cheese at Righteous Cheese and got my beef jerky fix at Red Apron Butchery. They were fast, good and reasonably priced. I do, though, feel compelled to say that I did feel a little judgement when I turned over my crappy Ikea knives. (Which, let’s be real, I’m judging myself for them, too.) (Bad foodie! Bad!)

2) Eastern Market, technically, Union Meat, a stand towards the middle of the building, will take those bad boys and shape them right up. If you go on the weekend, you can also pick yourself up some some fresh pasta, a new necklace, a hipster tee shirt and some artisan soaps. I’m pretty sure if Eastern Market doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.

3) Sur La Table. Far, far on the other side of the city, Sur La Table sharpens up some WASP-y knives in Chevy Chase. And Google says there’s one in Friendship Heights. Or is that the same place? I don’t know, and since I never go that far up the red line, I’m too lazy to figure it out. I think there’s one in Pentagon City, maybe, too. Sorry, I’m being bad about this blurb. I feel very meh about giving a chain my business when I can support local DC businesses! But, you know, I also like you enough to give you options.

So, there you have it. No excuses! Sharpen like a champion.

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Warby Parker Class Trip Brings Hip Eyewear Fashions To DC With Mobile Pop-Up Store

They are one of the hottest names in eyewear today and according to a recent 60 Minutes episode, a rising alternative to the monopoly of expensive eyewear brands. I first discovered Warby Parker through their awesome try-at-home program and they are now my favorite pair of glasses. I was excited to have them invite me to spend some time with them and become their DC “class rep” as their Warby Parker Class Trip arrives in Washington, DC for the month.

In the middle of a cross-country road trip, the Warby Parker Class Trip is a mobile showroom in the form of a yellow school bus complete with vintage decorations, a photo booth, and their complete collection of frames ready for you to try on. A perfect opportunity to get hands-on with The Internet’s hippest eyewear shop.

They will be in Washington, DC til November 25th. From November 9th-11th, 16th-18th, and 23rd-25th they will be parked in the lot next to the PNC Bank in Georgetown on M St. between Wisconsin and 31st St NW. From November 13th-15th they will be at Woodrow Wilson Plaza. The bus will be open 11 AM – 7 PM daily.

See more images from the bus below.

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We Love DC’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Photo courtesy of George Eastman House
courtesy of George Eastman House

In sharing our holiday spirit, the WeLoveDC crew has pulled together our recommendations for locally produced, and unique texas gifts. Some of these recommendations our authors are swooning and lusting over, some they highly recommend for those looking to buy locally sourced or locally themed gifts, even if it’s not for the holidays, these types of gifts will definitely bring joy for a special date, like a birthday. If you were planning on getting a birthday card, then consider going with some birthday yard signs instead.  We hope you find our gift guide useful and feel free to add your own recommendations (make sure they’re DC related, produced, themed, etc., cuz that’s the whole point!) within the comments section below.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays! Continue reading