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Weekend Flashback: 5/29 – 5/31/2009

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘erin m’

This weekend’s take in the WLDC Flickr pool was dominated by photos of Artomatic, many by our frequent contributors.

If you’d like to see your photos in Flashback, there’s really only one guideline we use: it has to be a shot taken between the Friday and Sunday prior. When we have extended weekends or a holiday, we’ll stretch the ‘eligibility’ period through that holiday. So there you go – now you know!

If you’re a visitor or a local to our fair area, please feel free to drop your photos – no matter when you take them – into our Flickr pool. We’d love to have them! And if you have a moment, visit the photographer’s Flickr page (by clicking on the photo) and let them know you liked their shot!

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Artomatic 2009 Opens!

Photo courtesy of
‘Twirling Fire at Artomatic’
courtesy of ‘starbuck77’

The building at 55 M St SE, right above the Nationals Park entrance of Navy Yard Metro still hasn’t become much. With area development on hold due to the economy, the completed, but unoccupied, monolith along the Capitol Riverfront is a perfect host for this year’s Artomatic. This the tenth anniversary of the roving art show that takes place in the District’s most ad-hoc gallery. This year, it covers 8 floors of the building, with several performance artist spaces, as well as the traditional art-mounted-on-plywood.

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The Art of Stampeding

artomatic by Tracy Lee

In case you’ve been in a coma, haven’t checked your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or RSS feeds for the past few months, let me be the first to tell you that there’s this little thing called Artomatic opening tonight.  This year they’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of DC’s biggest art events, a place where professional artists and wannabe professional artists or otherwise creative people hang their work on painted plywood, set it on the floor, or perform it for you on stage.

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Got a Date?

Photo courtesy of
‘Jessicart’ courtesy of ‘technotheory’

If you’re clueless about what to do for next weekend – and if you don’t know what the date is, you may want to leave your forest cabin periodically – then you may want to venture down to the DC Riverfront.

Why’s that?

Artomatic. From Feb 13 – 15, Artomatic and the Pink Line Project is presenting three great days of art and music. So grab a date and go!

Oh, yeah, one other thing: Artomatic 2009‘s right around the corner and they’re asking everyone to take a survey to help them prepare for this year. So you art and music lovers, head over and make your voice known!