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Who’s Standing Next To Me In Line?

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Vox Populi has conducted an unofficial survey of those sad, sad people waiting in line at Georgetown Cupcake through hail, sleet, humidity, blazing heat, etc. The poll gives us an inside peak into the GC shopper political affiliations, average wait times, where GC shoppers are from, are they repeat visitors and how did they hear from GC. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of GC visitors were first timers and they had not heard of Baked & Wired :(

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30th Street Bridge Finished, TJ Street Bridge Construction Begins

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Time moves at the speed of light when you’re busy living life, so it will surprise you all that’s in been almost a year since the DDOT embarked on Operation: Remove, Restore and Replace Georgetown’s C&O Canal Bridges.

Since I last reported on the epic project, the 30th Street Bridge had been closed to traffic, but as of the last few days the new bridge has reopened in spectacular form and on schedule to boot! Not word on budget status. ;)

Next up is the renovation of the much beloved Thomas Jefferson Street Bridge scheduled to kick off on July 28th and last approximately one year. While two-way traffic will still be permitted between M Street and Thomas Jefferson Street Bridge and between K Street and Thomas Jefferson Bridge, what about crossing the canal to get coffee and cupcakes at Baked & Wired?!!!  I’m very concerned that my afternoon sugar rush will be sorely impeded and inconvenienced. On the up side, some extra walking will help make up for these sweet indiscretions.

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DC Brownie-Off!

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So, as I informed you earlier, Bliss Spa is now in DC! “Welcome to the land of luxe lotions, line-levelers and lip gloss.” But for now, Bliss is having a brownie-off to see which DC bakery will supply the brownies for Bliss’ infamous brownie bar at the DC location.

The competitors? Baked & Wired vs. Bread & Chocolate vs. Heller’s Bakery.

Got an opinion? Vote over at You Be the Fudge.