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DC Brownie-Off!

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So, as I informed you earlier, Bliss Spa is now in DC! “Welcome to the land of luxe lotions, line-levelers and lip gloss.” But for now, Bliss is having a brownie-off to see which DC bakery will supply the brownies for Bliss’ infamous brownie bar at the DC location.

The competitors? Baked & Wired vs. Bread & Chocolate vs. Heller’s Bakery.

Got an opinion? Vote over at You Be the Fudge.

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Incoming: Bliss Spa

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Word around the DC fashion blogosphere (ie: Capitol Hill Barbie and Capitol Hill Style) says we’ve got an incoming bliss spa.

Aside from offending my sensibilities with the FatGirlSlim line of products (Really? You think you can rub that fat off with a body scrub?) I enjoy bliss. The services are affordable, and if you’re not into coming to the spa, they offer sets of products for spa-at-home DIY treatments. You can even book your services online.

So, welcome to DC bliss, we’re happy to have you! P.S. – Bliss is hiring… 30+ Bliss Spa jobs are available. CHB has the deets.