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Incoming: Bliss Spa

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‘Bliss spa goodies’
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Word around the DC fashion blogosphere (ie: Capitol Hill Barbie and Capitol Hill Style) says we’ve got an incoming bliss spa.

Aside from offending my sensibilities with the FatGirlSlim line of products (Really? You think you can rub that fat off with a body scrub?) I enjoy bliss. The services are affordable, and if you’re not into coming to the spa, they offer sets of products for spa-at-home DIY treatments. You can even book your services online.

So, welcome to DC bliss, we’re happy to have you! P.S. – Bliss is hiring… 30+ Bliss Spa jobs are available. CHB has the deets.

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New Metro Station PA Alert Sound

Have you been hearing the new Metro station sound? About twelve seconds into this rush hour video from Metro Center, listen for a familiar double chime (very like the default Windows Ding sound) followed by a service disruption announcement far better enunciated than Metro station alerts have usually been.

The new alert sound comes at an ironic lipstick-on-a-pig moment as the train in the video has overcrowding and door-closing problems.

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Gmail, Your Newest BFF

After a long day of work, you go out to happy hour and throw back one too many cocktails. You head home, thoughts of your ex swimming in your head, and you draft a little hate email. Ususally, embarassing things ensue the morning after.

But now, Gmail is here to save you from yourself!  Mail Goggles, the newest feature from the friendly folks at Gmail, requires you do to a couple of math problems after you push send. If you can’t do the math in under a minute, your email won’t be sent.

The Gmail Blog says, “By default, Mail Goggles is only active late night on the weekend as that is the time you’re most likely to need it. Once enabled, you can adjust when it’s active in the General settings”

Great, for those of us who can do simple math problems sober.