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Incoming: Bliss Spa

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Word around the DC fashion blogosphere (ie: Capitol Hill Barbie and Capitol Hill Style) says we’ve got an incoming bliss spa.

Aside from offending my sensibilities with the FatGirlSlim line of products (Really? You think you can rub that fat off with a body scrub?) I enjoy bliss. The services are affordable, and if you’re not into coming to the spa, they offer sets of products for spa-at-home DIY treatments. You can even book your services online.

So, welcome to DC bliss, we’re happy to have you! P.S. – Bliss is hiring… 30+ Bliss Spa jobs are available. CHB has the deets.

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Thrifty District: Reduced-Price Relaxation

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You can go ahead an insert the obligatory comments about the horrible economy plus how stressful everyone’s jobs are at the moment, and therefore make the obvious case for the increased need for stress-reducing treatments. Duh. You know my intro already. But let’s be realistic in our cost benefit analysis – is $120 for a massage going to make you feel better or worse about your financial situation? Right, you’re rolling your eyes, that’s what I thought.

But just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean you don’t still need it. So I’m here to help you, friend, find a cheaper ticket to stress-less-ville. I’ve got a few cost-saving tips if you want to go to a professional spa, and then a few quick ideas and links if you’re up for a do it yourself spa session. Continue reading

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Spa Week In DC

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Do you need a massage? Of course you do! A mani-pedi? Quite possibly, yes! An antioxidant facial? Duh. Can you afford these luxuries? PSH, NO! Except, wait, cause yes you can! DC Spa Week is fast approaching, from April 13-19th, spas all across the DC metro area are offering $50 special spa treatments.

The spa list includes such upscale locations like the Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden, and The Pearl at the Ritz Carleton alongside individually operated spas in the area. Massages are the most popular treatment, but you can snag a hair cleanse and gloss, body scrubs, green tea facials and some places are even offering highlights and haircuts for $50. It’s like the Restaurant Week of relaxation.

Sign up to view all the deals, and snag one at a spa near you.