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Spa Week is Back!

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Most people have a favorite time of year.  Maybe you love the week of Thanksgiving, or, perhaps that sweet space between Christmas and New Years Eve.  But for me, nothing quite compares to Spa Week.  Yes friends, you heard me, Spa Week.  An entire seven days dedicated to simply giving  people (me) the opportunity to relax at a discounted price.

Spa Week in D.C. will be celebrated October 11-17 and you will need an appointment to join in the fun (hence why I am sharing this news with you now, leaving plenty of time to make your calls).  Participating D.C. spas are listed here and all treatments will cost $50.

The 60-min pedicure at Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa in the Willard is calling my name.

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Spa Week In DC

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Do you need a massage? Of course you do! A mani-pedi? Quite possibly, yes! An antioxidant facial? Duh. Can you afford these luxuries? PSH, NO! Except, wait, cause yes you can! DC Spa Week is fast approaching, from April 13-19th, spas all across the DC metro area are offering $50 special spa treatments.

The spa list includes such upscale locations like the Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden, and The Pearl at the Ritz Carleton alongside individually operated spas in the area. Massages are the most popular treatment, but you can snag a hair cleanse and gloss, body scrubs, green tea facials and some places are even offering highlights and haircuts for $50. It’s like the Restaurant Week of relaxation.

Sign up to view all the deals, and snag one at a spa near you.