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Five Favorites: Reasons to Bike to Work

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Bike to Work Day registration is now open, so mark your calendar for Friday, May 20!  This awesome event, sponsored by WABA, is a great way to get your feet wet riding your bike around the city. At last year’s event, when I had just started out commuting by bike, I won a raffle for a fantastic messenger bag, got all sorts of great bike gear, and enjoyed free food all before 10 AM– all things that made it a bit easier to integrate biking into my daily commute. And no matter where you live or work you’ll probably be close to one pit stop, where you can pick up your free t-shirt and other bike-related goodies.  And best of all, it’s free!

If you need more reasons to dust off that bike and ride it to work, I’ve got ’em.  The past year of riding my bike to work has been fantastic, so here are my five favorite reasons to bike to work:

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Bikes Everywhere!

Bike to Work Pit Stop at Freedom Plaza Happy Bike to Work Day!  This morning, the bicyclists were out en masse at Freedom Plaza, where there was free breakfast, giveaways, and raffles (one of which I won– thanks City Bikes for the new messenger bag!).  Mayor Fenty spoke after biking over from the Capitol with a few bike-friendly congressmen, and there were various city agency heads to speak about the importance of biking in the District.  There were other pit stops at Nationals Park and the US Coast Guard HQ in the city, along with several more outside of the city.

Don’t worry if you missed the fun this morning.  There are still chances to keep the Bike to Work fun going!  This evening from 4-7 there will be a Bike From Work Rally at Columbia Heights Plaza.  So stop by and keep the good times rolling! More Freedom Plaza pictures after the jump. Continue reading

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Ready Your Wheels

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If you’re participating in Bike to Work Day/Week next week, you’ll want to make sure your bike is in good working order beforehand.  Luckily, Rachel at Ace Hardware let us know about Ready Your Wheels Day at 5th Street Ace Hardware.  Stop in to the store between noon and 4 PM this Saturday for a free wheel adjustment, minor bike fixes, and some tips on how to keep your bike in good shape.  And to sweeten the deal, there will be refreshments and free bike lights and helmets!

Don’t worry if you can’t make it this Saturday, as these bike clinics will be held every two weeks during the summer.

Mythbusting DC, The Features

DC Mythbusting: Bike Myths

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If you didn’t know it from Bike DC or Bike-to-Work Day or the other bike-related events in the city, May is National Bike Month.  And in honor of National Bike Month, we’ve got some bicycling myths to bust.  I’m a recent convert to commuting by bike, and now I love cycling around the city.  But there are lots of myths out there about the safety and legality of cycling in the city.  Is DC a bike-friendly city?  Is it legal to ride on sidewalks in the District?  And how does one go about starting to bike to work?

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Get Your Bike Out of Hibernation

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Just a heads up that two major DC bike events are coming up next month, so get your bike out of storage and sign up now for these two events:

Bike to Work Day – Friday, May 21:  Registration is open for this commuting event that features 35 regional pit stops with free t-shirts, food and drink, and raffles. Worried about biking in traffic? Join a Commuter Convoy so you’ve got company on the ride in.

Bike DC – Sunday, May 23:  Register now for this 19-mile recreational ride through the streets of DC. Pedal down Pennsylvania Avenue or the GW Parkway without having to worry about cars, as the route is closed to traffic during the event. Then wrap up your ride with Finish Line Festivities out in Crystal City.