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So, We Iced DCist

From L-R, WLDC’s Tom Bridge, DCist’s Aaron Morrissey, WLDC’s Dave Levy

Bros Icing Bros. You’re familiar with it, right? I feel like at this point, the only meme overtaking it involves Vuvezelas.

If you’re familiar with the DC blogging scene, you’re probably familiar with Aaron Morrissey and DCist. Aaron, long time weekend and sports editor for the Gothamist site just was named the site’s new editor, and we couldn’t be happier for him here at We Love DC.

But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have some fun. At halftime of the US-Slovenia World Cup game (at that point, 2-0, and ever-so-painful to think about), WLDC’s fearless editor, Tom Bridge, presented Aaron Morrissey with a partially warm, Passion Fruit Smirnoff Ice. Aaron, with no ice to block it, was forced to accept.

His acceptance speech? “I’d probably rather drink this Passion Fruit Smirnoff Ice than watch the U.S. soccer game right now.” Well, the good news is that Landon Donovan halved the deficit. The bad news is that the DC blogging Ice war has begun.