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First Look: Station 4

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This swanky restaurant right across from the Waterfront metro station in Southwest comes to us from the team behind Bullfeathers and Tunnicliffs on Capitol Hill. It’s a much welcome addition to a neighborhood that is still short on great places to eat.

Station 4 doesn’t stick out as you walk by it, with its name written on the door in small cursive. The inside is beautiful and chic with a modern design. Sitting at the long bar you’ll have at least two friendly bartenders and a row of drinks to look at, plus a picture of a woman’s lips (you’ll find those throughout the establishment).
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First Look: Bullfeathers


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Well, Bullfeathers definitely isn’t a “dive-bar” anymore. The first word I would use to describe it is bright…like really bright.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I went there on a Sunday to see how it’s doing on the weekends. Most “regulars,” aka politicos and staffers, will probably head to the establishment after the Congressional workday, but I wanted to see if Bullfeathers is succeeding at drawing in the neighborhood crowd.

So far it looks like yes. The restaurant wasn’t full by far, and my purse and coat had a seat each at the bar, but there was a steady stream of Capitol Hill residents coming in to check the place out. The most common initial reaction? “Wow.”

Foodies will remember that Bullfeathers closed in July of last year and is now owned by the team behind Tunnicliff’s Tavern. Now on to the food…
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Who We Missed: More Restaurants Opening in 2011


Photo Courtesy Pound Coffee

Since I first put together Part 1 and Part 2 of restaurants opening in 2011, I’ve been bombarded by emails reminding me of yet even more restaurants coming up. We’re working on a tool that will enable us (and therefore you!) to keep a better running list of the now 50-plus restaurants opening…but for now, here are some more hot-spots for you to look forward to this year in DC.

Station 4

Another reason that as a Navy Yard resident I’m getting more and more jealous of the Southwest Waterfront everyday – not only do they have a Safeway, but now a new restaurant called Station 4. Bullfeathers on Capitol Hill just reopened earlier this month under the same management behind Tunnicliff’s Tavern, Stoney’s, and Ulah Bistro. That same team is now bringing us this 4,000 square foot American bistro-style restaurant. Again, I love patio dining, and I love brunch on the weekends, so I will definitely be at Station 4.

1101 4th St. SW

Expected Arrival: ASAP

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All Your 2011 Restaurant Openings to Look Forward To (Part 1)

courtesy of Tricia BarbaIf you love food as much as I do, then you eagerly track what DC restaurants are opening plus where and when. With this list, we hope to do that work for you, so that all you have to do is head to the new place and try it out!

I included every restaurant I knew of, but I’m obviously not perfect. So please email me at or send me a tweet at @SoooDC if I’m missing something. I’m always up for gossip too! This list is your list.


If there’s such a thing as a Capitol Hill watering-hole, Bullfeathers is it.  House staffers and lawmakers who have missed this mainstay, can stop worrying because the hangout is reopening on January 24. The new Bullfeathers is now owned by the team behind Stoney’s, Tunnicliff’s Tavern, and Ulah Bistro. It will be fun seeing what trademarks from those restaurants make it over to Bullfeathers.

410 First St. SE

Arrival: January 24, 2011


The popular Korean restaurant did so well in Dupont Circle that is is opening up in City Vista too.  Mandu was started by the Lee family — mother Yesoon and children Jean & Danny.  They saw many traditional Korean restaurants in the suburbs (hello, Annandale) but none in the District.  Mandu means dumpling in Korean, and here you can find beef & pork, shrimp, and vegetable dumplings.

475 K St. NW

Twitter: @ManduDC

Arrival: January 24

Jack Rose

This new upscale restaurant/lounge is expected to open in late January 2011, and we can’t wait for parking in Adams Morgan to get even harder to find. At the site of an old gym, I bet this 2-story and almost six thousand square feet building will be a new hot spot on the “strip.” One of the minds behing this venture is Bill Thomas, also the owner of Bourbon and Breadsoda.  The other is Michael Hartzer, who’s worked at Citronelle and IndeBleu. I wonder if the classic cocktail will always be on special.

2007 18th St NW.

Twitter: @JackRoseinDC

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Bullfeathers Bounces Back on Monday


Photo Courtesy Tricia Barba

As a former Capitol Hill resident and now a proud Navy Yard dweller, let me just say that Monday’s re-opening of Bullfeathers is one that I’ve been eagerly awaiting.  And that’s an understatement.

To recap: Bullfeathers “closed” in July of last year in order to undergo a complete renovation.  The Capitol Hill mainstay is now owned and operated by the team behind the popular Tunnicliff’s Tavern, Ulah Bistro & Stoney’s. Continue reading