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We Love Music: Braids / Baths @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 2/11/11

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The show on Friday night at Rock & Roll Hotel was a perfect illustration of three concert going phenomenon that I don’t really get to experience that often. Two pleasant, the third not so much. So this review will be coming from that perspective.

First, I rarely see bands that I don’t already know something about; on the occasions that I do, I am rarely impressed by what I see and hear. So I was quite happy by the pleasant surprise offered by Braids. Second, I try not to get overly excited about seeing a new band with a phenomenal debut recording. I try to keep my live expectations at a reasonable level because, frankly, I have been burned by too many bands that are great in the studio but haven’t figured out their live performance just yet.* But with Baths and his album “Cerulean”, I just could not help myself. Third, while I was enjoying the show I had the unpleasant experience of being used as a humping post by, not one, but two under-age couples making out to such a degree that I began to worry about being splashed with bodily fluids. Gross.

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