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I just got this eggplant; now what do I do with it?

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‘Eggplant (Beatrice)’
courtesy of ‘iLoveButter’

Remember when we talked this spring about what to do when you’ve got more farmer’s market produce than you can use? Good times. Except, all that information is out of season now! It’s a whole new set of intimidating fruits and vegetables to deal with now. Oh noes! Relax, DC: I am here to help.

With all the weather extremes we’ve been having, some produce has been coming in at odd times (stone fruits were really early) and that’s messed up my routine a bit. But now that it’s late summer, it’s getting to be time for eggplant. And I don’t know if you are weak like me, but I have been known to buy stuff I’ve never cooked at the farmer’s market just because it looks so freaking pretty. Yeah, eggplant. And now I get it in my CSA box. Continue reading