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Football or Wealthy Residences?

Photo of Kalorama Heights by furcafe

This Sunday you will be faced with a very difficult question: Shall I watch football or go on the Kalorama House Tour instead?  Well for the devout football fans out there this is probably a no brainer.  But if your team isn’t the Redskins (or any other east coast team for that matter) and you can’t watch your team because you don’t have DirecTV (go Broncos!), well then your decision just got a much easier.

Washington has many neighborhood house tours throughout the year that give you the opportunity to sneak through other people’s houses without being arrested.  Oh, and these aren’t usually your typical houses either, they’re more like your rich uncle’s house.  You know, the one who drives the Bentley?  The exception to this rule was last year’s Dupont Circle House Tour which was a huge let down.  If I wanted to walk through a messy house that’s for sale, I’ll just walk through my own.

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