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Monumental: Taft Bridge

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One of my first, distinct memories of DC is the long drive down Connecticut Avenue, after exiting 495 and headed to Dupont Circle. I was completely DC naive, had very little navigational or directional DC knowledge and for all I knew I could have been headed north or west or east. As I hesitantly meandered my way down Connecticut Avenue through the tree line Chevy Chase, past the sign to the National Zoo, little did I know that my first DC welcome would come from the majestic, patriotic, stone lion guardians of the Taft Bridge.

Constructed from 1897 to 1907, the arched bridge is the work of architect Edward Pearce Casey and engineer George S. Morrison, known for his steel truss bridges. The bridge, dedicated to U.S. President Howard Taft in 1931, is the largest unreinforced concrete structure in the world and in 2003 was named to the National Register of Historical Places. Continue reading

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Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk

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Free, free, free – music to my ears!  This Saturday and Sunday, during the 27th annual Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk, the Textile Museum (check out Art by the Yard:  Women Design Mid-century Britain), the Anderson House, and the Phillips Collection will all be offering free admission.

The Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk is on Saturday, June 5th from 10 AM – 4 PM and on Sunday, June 6th from 1-5 PM. 

For more information call 202-387-4062.

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Ted Kennedy’s DC Residence Goes On The Market

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Vikki Kennedy, Ted Kennedy’s widow, has put their 7-bedroom Kalorama house on the market according to the Washington Post. The property features 5 fireplaces, 7 bathrooms, a lap pool and in-home gym personally outfitted by Arnold Schwarzennegger.

The couple moved into the Kalorama estate in 1998, and occupied the residence until Senator Kennedy’s death from brain cancer on August 25, 2009.

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Football or Wealthy Residences?

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This Sunday you will be faced with a very difficult question: Shall I watch football or go on the Kalorama House Tour instead?  Well for the devout football fans out there this is probably a no brainer.  But if your team isn’t the Redskins (or any other east coast team for that matter) and you can’t watch your team because you don’t have DirecTV (go Broncos!), well then your decision just got a much easier.

Washington has many neighborhood house tours throughout the year that give you the opportunity to sneak through other people’s houses without being arrested.  Oh, and these aren’t usually your typical houses either, they’re more like your rich uncle’s house.  You know, the one who drives the Bentley?  The exception to this rule was last year’s Dupont Circle House Tour which was a huge let down.  If I wanted to walk through a messy house that’s for sale, I’ll just walk through my own.

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