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Some tweets just need no explanation – results from the 2012 DC Primary

Marion Barry is Twaggin

I’m just going to leave this here.

The Councilman for life won his primary challenge yesterday, joining Muriel Bowser, Yvette Alexander and Jack Evans as incumbents that have locked up their party’s slot on the November ballot, and in DC, the de facto general election.

In the race for At-Large, Vincent Orange has a 500 vote lead over Sekou Biddle for the party’s nomination, with former PG County council chair Peter Shapiro splitting the vote just enough to put Orange in the driver’s seat for the fall election. Due to the unique requirements of the District’s charter, there will be one seat guaranteed to an independent or non-majority party, though both could go that direction under law.

So, who’s out there twaggin’ on behalf of DC today?

Justin Karp from WJLA has rounded up some of the best Barry-related tweets today.

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It’s Ballot Petition time again!

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That’s right, it’s election season again. The April 3rd, 2012 primary is now officially underway (though we’ve had candidates in and out of the race already) with ballot petitions being available to suitors this morning down at the DC Board of Elections and Ethics at Judiciary Square.  Ballot petitions are required by all three (yes, three) parties in the District to be part of the primary ballot, though signature requirements are vastly different between the organizations.

The Democratic Party requires 2,000 party member signatures for the At-Large race, and 250 party member signatures for the Ward seats.  Ron Moten may be crazy like a fox, though, for jumping ship to be a “Civil Rights” Republican, as he’ll  likely be the only candidate in the Ward 7 race to do so, and he needs just 14 signatures of Republicans in Ward 7 to get on the ballot. DCist’s Martin Austermuhle is camping out at DCBOEE this morning for the pickup process, so follow his twitter for a blow-by-blow.

As of 9:15 this morning, Jacque Patterson has picked up petitions to run against Marion Barry in Ward 8, and Councilmember Muriel Bowser has picked up petitions to run for re-election in Ward 4. It’s expected that three of the four ward council members will be facing serious challenges, with Muriel Bowser facing 7 opponents, Yvette Alexander facing at least three party challengers plus Ron Moten, and Marion Barry will have at least two.  Jack Evans is so far unopposed, with his only challenger bowing out ahead of the petition deadline, suggesting harassment from the Evans camp.