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Weekend Pick: Cherry Blast

Cherry Blast 2010

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is many things to many people.  They have a parade, fireworks, and oh yeah – cherry blossoms.  But the event I’m really looking forward to is the second annual Cherry Blast.  Produced by The Pink Line Project, this creative extravaganza features performance art, dance, film, a haiku sake bar, free bruises, and a make out room (where you may also get free bruises if you know what you’re doing).

Last year’s event was a sight to be seen, and I imagine that this year will be even bigger and better.  With too many activities and artists to list here, click on over to the website to get a preview of the insanity.  If I haven’t sold you on Cherry Blast already, take it from a commenter on Facebook who said, “This shit looks dope.”

Indeed it does.

Cherry Blast
Friday, April 2
9 pm to 1 am
A warehouse at 1701 Florida Avenue, NW
$10 (21 and over)

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Blue Angel by M.V. Jantzen

I love Peeps.  The delicious tiny birds and bunnies come in a variety of pastel colors, have emotionless expressions on their cute, little squishy faces, and have become an integral part of our Easter celebrations.  Hell, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, it’s still fun to stuff these fluffy blobs of sugar in your face, chewing on their boneless, chemical-laden bodies. They’re completely harmless unless you’re a diabetic or are trying to watch your weight…or until they decide to kill you.  Sometimes it’s those that you least suspect who can cause the most amount of harm, and in this case it appears to be a giant blue Peep.  Revenge is sweet.

In all seriousness, the Peeps that you have no doubt noticed invading our city are the work of local street artist, DIABETIK.  These wheat pastings started cropping up during the winter and have been multiplying like, um, rabbits.  Along with the bitten Peeps you may have noticed other distressed treats such as broken gingerbread men and melted ice cream cones.  I wonder what’s next for DIABETIK?  Cupcakes that have been stepped on?  Jolly Ranchers covered in ants?  No matter what crops up, be on the lookout for mistreated treats looking for revenge, for you may be their next victim.