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Help Find This Puppy

"charlie" courtesy of nbcwashington

"charlie" courtesy of nbcwashington

Out of Prince William Country, VA comes a super upsetting story of a stolen pit bull puppy that was a high school graduation present to the owner’s daughter. The topper is that the puppy was taken right out of the owner’s vehicle.

According to NBCWashington, last Friday, the owner was parked outside a convenience store along Jefferson Davis Highway in Woodbridge. He left the pup in the car, went into the store for just two minutes, and when he went back to the car, the dog was gone.

The little fellas name is Charlie, he’s very friendly, is gray and white and was wearing a name tag. Anyone who may know anything about the dog’s disappearance should call Prince William County police at 703-792-6500.

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Molly returned!


Molly, the vizla who was notoriously dognapped, was returned to her humans late Monday night by police. They were provided few details because of the ongoing investigation but they seem to believe the person who had her was suffering from some mental issues. Hopefully any case built against her will result in some treatment and prevent this from happening to others.

Like most happy homecomings, this one will have a party to celebrate. Art S says:

A thank you party will be thrown to show appreciation for everyone that offered their support, possibly on the weekend of August 22nd, location TBA.  Please email if you are interested in coming.

Welcome home, Molly.