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We Love Music: Fort Reno Summer Schedule

As others have by now reported, the organizers of the Fort Reno Summer Concert Series have resolved their differences with the National Park Service. And they now have posted a schedule that begins Monday, July 7 and runs through Thursday, July 31.

Straight from, here is the lineup:

Monday, July 7 2014

Thursday, July 10 2014
Peanut Butter & Dave
Golden Looks
Calvera Skull

Monday, July 14 2014
Baby Bry Bry
Tiger Horse

Thursday, July 17 2014
Puff Pieces

Monday, July 21 2014
Alarms & Controls
Talk It

Thursday, July 24 2014
Title Tracks
The Effects
Myrrh Myrrh

Monday, July 28 2014
Black Sparks
The Raised by Wolves

Thursday, July 31 2014
Protect U

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We Love Music: Fort Reno Summer Concert Series Canceled

The organizers of the Fort Reno Summer Concert Series in upper Northwest DC have cancelled the series for 2014.

In a note on the website for the concert series (, organizer Amanda Mackaye laments the cancellation, which is due to an unexpected announcement from the National Park Service (NPS) that the organizers pay for an officer from the US Park Police (USPP) onsite at each concert in Fort Reno Park. This never had been a requirement previously, Mackaye said, and the humble little concert series cannot afford the cost of the officer required.

“So as it stands today, not only does the concert series not have the funds to cover this cost at the last minute but we don’t feel we should have to do this without just cause. Our feeling is that if something had changed within the operations at NPS or USPP regarding public events since last summer, there was ample time to inform us. NPS has all of my contact information. And this is not a little cost as USPP seems to think. It will literally double the VERY small budget of the concert series. It will affect how many shows can happen because the money must be paid up front. I didn’t even bother to get into what happens if we are dark due to rain…,” Mackaye wrote.

“That all said, with the heaviest of hearts the decision is that the concert series will be dark for 2014 in an effort to resolve this for the future. I hope it goes without saying that this is not the outcome we expected and certainly don’t want,” she added.

Sounds like blind, needless bureaucracy to us! We hope Mackaye can resolve these challenges, although as you can see in her letter, no one has stepped up to meet with her on the issue.

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Fort Reno schedule update

Fort Reno

Fort Reno has announced more bands to grace the stage this summer! You can see the summer schedule here! TBD seems to be really popular…

Tonight, Thursday, June 28th:


Treble Lifter

The Admins

Monday, July 2nd: Give, Coup Sauvage & the Snips, Boris Milic

Thursday, July 5th: Troll Tax, Big Mouth, Atoms Apart

Monday, July 9th: Mobius Strip, Hey Arbore, East Paw

Thursday, July 12th: Nunchucks, RCRDS, Satori Trova

Monday, July 16th: Cigarbox Planetarium, Alma Tropicalia, Nox

Thursday, July 19th: Deathfix, TBD, Hen of the Woods

Monday, July 23rd: Max Levine Ensemble, Flex Matthews, TBD

Thursday, July 26th: TBD, More Humans, Grammar

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Fort Reno Monday lineup announced!

The Torches, photo by Tara Welch

Ever secretive with releasing lineup/show information, Fort Reno just announced the lineup for Monday, June 25th on their website.

And it is:

The Torches (featuring yours truly!)


The NVs

Show starts at 7pm, over by 9:30pm. Free!

Fort Reno Park is at Chesapeake Street and Nebraska Avenue NW. All ages, dogs, and food are welcome. No glass bottles or alcohol!

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Fort Reno 2012 free concert series starts tonight!

The Fort Reno concert series is a DC institution. I have fond memories of the series from when I was in high school- getting to see Fugazi (and other cool acts) for free, outdoors in the summer. The threat of rain is always looming, but the reward is a unique concert experience.

The concert series is an all volunteer enterprise, which has presented free shows in the park for more than 40 years. The season goes from mid-June through August, with shows on Monday and Thursday evenings starting around 7pm and going until dark. It features only bands based in the DC/metro area. All ages are welcome.

The series is notorious for announcing their lineup last-minute, and this year is no different. So far only the first two shows have been announced, and only on the Fort Reno facebook page. Tonight, (6/18) the first night of the season, features Teen Mom, Alarms & Controls, and Upforth.

Thursday’s (6/21) lineup features Edie Sedgwick, Art Sorority for Girls, and BRENDA.

Fort Reno Park is at Chesapeake Street and Nebraska Avenue NW. All ages, dogs, and food are welcome. No glass bottles or alcohol!

Fort Reno has a weather hotline! 202-355-6356 You can also check their twitter feed, or facebook page!

*update- as of this afternoon, the weather line is not up and running, but you can still go to Fort Reno’s twitter feed or facebook for updates on the weather situation*

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Where We Live: Tenleytown/AU Park

Photo courtesy of
‘Reservoir Watchtower’
courtesy of ‘Kevin H.’

Welcome to another edition of Where We Live!  This week we’ll be taking a closer look at Tenleytown/AU Park.  Even though this neighborhood surrounds American University, it’s not just college students who live there– the beautiful tree-lined streets and great transit access attract people from all walks of life.

History: This part of town has a pretty cool history.  Tenleytown originally got its name back in 1790, when residents took to calling the neighborhood “Tenally’s Town” after tavern owner John Tenally.  Fort Reno, as the highest natural point in the District, was part of the Civil War Defenses of Washington.  After the Civil War, Fort Reno was a free black community, but you wouldn’t know it today– the remnants of this neighborhood were wiped out when several schools were built in the name of urban renewal.  The area became a commercial center in 1941, when Sears opened a huge store there (the site of the Sears was redevelopment and now houses the Best Buy and Container Store).  The area developed throughout the twentieth century with the help of the streetcar and its proximity to American University (which admitted its first class in 1914).

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Photos: Welcome back, Fort Reno.

Photo courtesy of

courtesy of ‘erin m’

I love Fort Reno. And I don’t mean in some, “Oh man, that’s a great event” sort of way. I mean…well, you remember that scene in “Say Anything” where John Cusack is holding up the boom box outside Ione Skye’s window? That’s how I feel about Fort Reno, the summer concert series that kicked off Thursday night. Fort Reno to me is summer. It is grass. It is picnics. It is kids and dogs and ice cream trucks and glorious sunsets and, most importantly, it is music.

Thursday’s show became the de facto kick-off for this year’s series after the threat of rain canceled last Monday’s concert, and a drummer’s broken arm forced the usual trio of bands to become a twosome–let’s hope that’s it for the curse-like events this year. The two bands, Gangland Buries Its Own and Sleeper Agent, stepped up admirably and gave a great welcome to this year’s concerts. After the jump, photos of the picnics,  the people, the glorious sunset and the music.

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