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Dupont Circle Street Named After Dr. Frank Kameny

Dr. Frank Kameny

Mayor Adrian Fenty has been exercising his power to rename DC streets like no mayor has done before, today dedicating the intersection of 17th & R street NW to Dr. Frank Kameny.

Many people consider Dr. Kameny to be the grandfather of the gay rights movement.  In 1957, a time when being gay was definitely not socially accepted, he was fired from his job as an astronomer at the Army Map Service for his homosexuality.  While many people would have accepted it as truth, as the way the world worked, Kameny chose to fight.  In what was the first civil rights claim based on sexual orientation, he argued his case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court who unfortunately denied his petition.  In 1965 he organized a demonstration in front of the White House, and many of his original picket signs now reside in the Smithsonian Institution (he had one with him today).  In 2006 the Library of Congress acquired his documents that describe his life as a leader in the gay rights movement.  In 2009 his home here in Washington was designated as a DC Historic Landmark.  Also in 2009, in a gesture that makes me smile, the U.S. government formally apologized to Kameny via the Director of the Office of Personnel Management who himself is openly gay.

Times have changed since 1957, largely in part to the courage and dedication of Dr. Kameny.  As the center of DC’s gay community, Dupont Circle is proud to have a street named after him as a reminder of all that he has done to push equal rights for all.

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Fenty To Sign Same-Sex Marriage Bill Today

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Mayor Fenty is scheduled to sign the same-sex marriage bill approved by the DC council at All Souls Unitarian Church in a public ceremony today.

Why sign the bill in a church? All Souls’ senior pastor Rev. Robert Hardies told the Washington Post that Fenty’s decision to sign this historic bill in a house of worship, “[…] is symbolic of the strong religious support for this bill in D.C.”

According to WTOP, supporters of the bill expect same-sex couples to have the ability to marry in DC as early as March.

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Arlington Republicans Becoming Gay Friendly?

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Arlington is a very progressive and heavily democratic county where Democratic Party candidates have nothing to worry about going into a general election. While that is most likely still the case for the VA House of Delegates race in the 47th district (which includes parts of Court House, Clarendon, Ballston), the republican in the race might just be catching on to some of the progressive values that dems typically use to get elected. While the GLBT community is not huge in Arlington, the majority of local voters are supporters of gay and lesbian equal rights and often use that as a bit of a wedge issue to show why they cannot vote for republicans. Eric Brescia is about to change all of that, at least for his race, according to the Arlington Sun Gazette.

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