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More baseball draft picks.

Alex Ellis/The GW Hatchet

photo courtesy of Alex Ellis/The GW Hatchet

Reader Robert Lintott pointed out to me that GW had a student baseball player picked in the recent MLB draft as well, in round 13. Pat Lehman hails from Jersey originally, so he’s not one of our native sons, but he adopted our city for four years and was drafted by the Nationals. Congrats Pat – hope you’re happy to be staying in the area.

George Mason’s record number of players drafted in one year bumped to six when Shawn Griffith was drafted in the 37th round. Griffith’s a Florida boy like me, though he hails from the Gulf coast in St. Petersburg.

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GMU students and area natives drafted by MLB

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Five George Mason University students, three of them local to the area, were picked in the MLB draft yesterday. Left Fielder Scott Krieger is from the Towson, MD area and was a 19th round pick. Jordan Flasher is a pitcher from the Manassas, VA area and was a 21st round pick. Justin Bour was picked in the 25th round and hails from Centreville, VA. Congratulations to them and to GMU, which has never had five players drafted in a single season before.

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Is Virgina Going Liberal?

You go boy!

You go boy!

For years, I’ve considered crossing the Potomac as the entry into a whole other country, a bastion of conservatism that confused my liberal mind. Now I think its Virginians that are confused. Or at least the gun toting, God-fearing types who must be thinking they’ve awoke in Maryland this morning. Just look at these two lead stories in the WashPost:

What’s next? They allow popsicle beer?

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Ethnic Dining Guide

Hotdogs and Rice with Broccoli.

Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide for the DC area has been updated for 2009. He starts off with a plug for his book, Discover Your Inner Economist, offers some rules of thumb for choosing ethnic food restaurants in general, lists some “must-eat” places, then launches into a grand, culturally-alphabetized list of restaurants of every regional and stylistic variety, with addresses and capsule reviews. The guide is huge and tirelessly comprehensive, definitely worth a scan if you’re hankering for an exotic dine-out this weekend.

(Link via Kottke. Pictured above: a traditional Filipino meal.)