Petworth, WTF?!

Thirteen (13!) Pounds of Dog Poo in Petworth

Up in Petworth, we do love our pets – its in our name. But it seems that quite a few Petworthians don’t like being responsible with their dogs. Specifically their dog’s poop. Out in Grant Circle, a prime dog walking spot, I noticed that winter brought on irresponsibility towards scooping the poop. More and more dog feces were left in the Circle by dog owners too lazy to bring a plastic bag.

So a month ago, I walked through Grant Circle and picked up 7 pounds of frozen feces. At the time, many were shocked and some even doubted that 7lbs figure. Well on Saturday, I repeated the poop scoop adventure and shocked even myself:

To those who may wonder why I would scoop other’s poop, I was thinking of the weekend’s warm spell, and the smell of all that poop, defrosted. I detest cleaning up after irresponsibility just a bit less than the disgust of a public health hazard in my neighborhood.

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Caution: Grant Circle Ahead

Evidence of a quick stop

Evidence of a quick stop

For all those that are speeding along New Hampshire Avenue NW, caution as you pass Georgia Avenue NW, headed north. Ahead is Grant Circle, and if you are going too fast, you’ll see it up close.

About once a month, someone winds up in Grant Circle, with skid marks showing their lack of foresight. This morning its just hubcaps and dead grass. Tomorrow, let it not be you.