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MD Portion of I-95 Makes Top 5 Best Roads in US

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According to Reader’s Digest, the stretch of I-95 between Baltimore, MD and Elkton, MD is one of the top 5 best roads in America. Now, I’m not one to rip on a Maryland highway, but in all of America I-95 made the list? Seriously?  I’m thinking that MD I-95 making the list has more to do with the relief drivers experience on this road because they’ve just battled through Delaware and Baltimore-DC I-95 traffic than it does with highway’s scenery.

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Talkin’ Transit: Turkey Time!

Photo courtesy of M.V. Jantzen
Coming and Going, courtesy of M.V. Jantzen

So for the first time since moving down here, my wife and I aren’t driving anywhere for the holiday; since we bought our house this summer, we’re the hosts for this year’s holiday season.

However, I feel your pain, people. If you’re reading this now, you’re either like me and not going anywhere this holiday weekend, or you’re just procrastinating from packing and will most likely get caught in area traffic.

For you lazy bones, I’ve got some tips on alternate road routes, but we’ll knock out a few regional transit items first.

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Joe McCain Calls 911 to Complain About Traffic

Strike one: Calling 911 to complain about I-95 traffic. Strike two: Cursing out the operator when he asks why you’re calling 911 to complain about traffic. Strike three: Voice mail greeting saying you’re working on a “very important family political project.” Joe The McCain, you’re out.