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Talkin’ Transit: Gas Bags


Cabs and Metro, two of our favorite subjects in the DC blogosphere and other conversational mediums, have surfaced again in the last couple of days. How could we not discuss it here?

First, cabbies. Did you know the taxicab commission extended the $1 gas surcharge through January 31, 2009? The last extension ended on Sept. 29 and the sneaky commission just slipped it right under all our noses.

Now, when it was instigated back in January 2007, the average gas price around the area was hovering around $3.13. And of course, during the summer they were flirting with the $4 mark. But now? If you’re a driver you know that gas has dropped to an average of $2.68 in the region, with continued expectation it will fall through the next month or two.

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