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Hot Ticket: Rotting Christ/Melechesh/Hate/Lecherous Nocturne/Abigail Williams @ Jaxx, 3/9/11

Northern Virginia’s Heavy Metal bunker, Jaxx plays host the Black Metal concert of the year on Wednesday night with an international line-up that is as exotic as it is extreme. It isn’t very often that you get titans of the genre from Greece, Israel, and Poland in a room together, but somehow that is what Jaxx has managed to pull off. If that isn’t enough to lure you to the dark side, they’ve tossed in a trio of great American bands to sweeten the deal with the devil.

Hate hail from Warsaw, Poland and have been one of Eastern Europe’s most extreme groups for over a decade. Melechesh, (“fire king” in Hebrew) are a band literal on the run. Outlawed for blasphemey in their hometown of Jerusalem, Melechesh have been developing their own sub-genre of “Mesopotamian metal” in exile in Amsterdam for years. Rotting Christ are the band that brought black metal to Greece and they have been assaulting the senses with their Ancient Greek-refrencing, extreme metal for over twenty years. All three of these bands play with brutal intensity and speed, dark as night theatrics, and old world mythologies that shred the veil of civility to expose the hypocrisies of modern society.

Along for the ride on this black metal rollercoaster, is Ziggurat, Abigail Williams, and Lecherous Nocturne; three up and coming U.S. black metal bands that will have their work cut out for them opening for three of Europe’s heaviest hitters.

Rotting Christ
w/ Melechesh, Hate, Lecherous Nocturne, Abigail Williams, Ziggurat
3/9/11 – 6pm