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DC Public Libraries Reduce Staff, Programs

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‘Wiped-out video shelves at @ArlingtonVALib.’
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Due to the tightening of its budget, the DC Public Library begins staff reductions today. Most of the current job vacancies will not be filled and an additional 23.5 full time positions are being eliminated, which equates to roughly 40 people. Several programs, including the Youth Outreach Program, have been eliminated and their staff realigned in order to keep as many libraries open as possible. Library hours, however, will not be further reduced.

“The DC Public Library, along with libraries across the country, is facing very difficult economic times,” said Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper. “We realize that the Mayor and the City Council had tough choices to make with next year’s budget. Even with these reductions, we remain committed to continuing to provide District residents with the service they need and expect.”

The library buildings currently under construction (Deanwood, Watha T. Daniel/Shaw, Georgetown, Tenley, Petworth, Mt. Pleasant, Washington Highlands, and Francis Gregory) will still be completed and opened but the new FY2011 budget doesn’t include any funds to design and build any additional buildings.