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Departures & Arrivals at City Paper

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Some big news in little china for the City Paper in the last twenty-four hours. First, as of this morning, they’re under new management. New editor Michael Schaffer has taken the helm of the Wemple-less weekly after stints with the Philadelphia Inquirer and U.S. News and World Report. Before that, he was a City Paper writer and senior editor, so this marks a homecoming for Schaffer. His first job is the second piece of news: Mike “Loose Lips” DeBonis is headed for the Washington Post, according to Bruce DuPuyt of Channel 8 News. DeBonis will write his last column for the City Paper on May 10th before starting at the Washington Post on May 15th.

Details of DeBonis’ deal are not yet clear, so it’s not apparent whether he’ll be doing the same style daily reporting for WaPo, or if he’ll be covering a more traditional desk job at the Post. Here’s hoping they give Loose Lips a blank work order and let him figure out what’s best to do.

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Post’s Managing Editor Steps Down

The Washington Post
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Well, I didn’t see that coming on a Monday Morning. The Post’s managing editor for print, Phil Bennett, is stepping down effective Friday. It was previously announced that their managing editor of was stepping down after the inauguration, but it now seems that both of the major editors at the Post are out the door in the same month.

What’s cooking over at the Washington Post that’s got people running for the exits? Is circulation really that far down?