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Record: 56-75 (Last in the NL East)
Last Two Weeks: 5-8

The impossible-to-miss, off-field story involves none other than his Royal Strasburg. Late last week, the team announced that a tear in Strasburg’s pitching elbow will require reconstructive surgery of the Tommy John type. The Nats enter the last month of the season looking towards next year, but it is also safe to say that many already think even next season could be a lost cause. Still, in the “looking forward” department, there is still at least one bright spot: Bryce Harper was on the scene at Nationals Park, putting on a Nats jersey and launching bombs during batting practice.

On the field, things have been up and down. Last week, the Nationals got swept at home by the lowly Cubs, but managed to take three out of four from a Cardinals squad that is very much in contention in the Central to conclude the homestand. For a team that’s been fairly lifeless in the past month, maybe the Strasburg news is a reminder that no one man makes a club. In the next two weeks, the Nats will play the majority of their games against NL East rivals, save one trip to Pittsburgh next weekend.

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Ride With Style: New DC Sports Vanity Plates Are In-The-Works

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Want to drive with pride while donning your favorite team’s colors with a new vanity license plate? You could be soon thanks to council members Kwame R. Brown (D-At Large) and Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) who announced their plan to create plates for the Redskins, Wizards, United, Capitals and Mystics on Tuesday.

All plates would still say “Taxation without representation”, but at least now you can add a unique touch to the front and rear of your daily ride.

Extra fees would include a one-time payment of $25 for the plate and a $20 biennial renewal.

The only question I have is: What about those Nationals? They need some love too!

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A selective kiss-cam

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WaPo’s got the story today about the Washington Mystics’ no-kisscam policy. Personally I think the lack of that hideous time-killer is a selling point, but it’s fairly obvious why some people would be a little peeved by it. I will say, to Verizon Center’s credit, that I have never seen them engage in the obnoxious practice of showing two dudes for the “oh hah hah they will not kiss because they are straight isn’t their discomfort FUNNY” during the kisscam.

I once told someone who came with me to a Florida Panthers game that he should be warned – if they pull that crap on us I’m gonna kiss him. “You can bet enough people will whine that they’ll never do it again.”

Thanks but no thanks for proving me wrong, Mystics.

Sports Fix

Sports Fix: Almost Dog Days Edition

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D.C. United
Record: 6-3-9
Last Two Weeks: 2-0-0
Place: 2nd in the East

Just two games for United these past two weeks, an MLS win against the Colorado Rapids and an Open Cup win against the Harrisburg City Islanders. Sure, Brian Namoff put one in his own net against the Rapids, but overall, it’s looking better and better for United. They’re headed to the Open Cup quarterfinals this Tuesday night against the Rochester Rhino at the SoccerPlex, then it’s out west against the Quakes in San Jose, then a CONCACAF Champions League game against the C.D L.A. Firpo. Three leagues, four games, two weeks. Here’s hoping that Namoff can keep up his scoring streak, and not just on his own goal…

Record: 5-6
Last Two Weeks: 5-4
Place: 2nd in the East by a half match

There are just three matches left in the swift 2009 World TeamTennis league: one on the road versus the undefeated Springfield Lasers, and a pair at home against the Lasers and the New York Buzz. On the line? A playoff spot and a winning record for the season. While the Kastles are in 2nd place in the East, it’s a precarious position just a half match ahead of the Boston Lobsters, and a game and a half in front of the Freedoms and Buzz. It’s going to take some “Refuse to Lose,” to make sure they make it to the Playoffs.

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