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Mystics Attendance Banners Taken Down

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‘Washington Wizards Vs. Nuggets feb 6,2008’
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Capitals Owner (and soon-to-be Wizards and Verizon Center full owner) Ted Leonsis has made a small change to the interior of the Phone Booth. As of Friday, the three banners recognizing the Mystics and fans for leading the WNBA in attendance in 1998, 1999 and 2002 have been taken down. Lenosis discussed the change in a post to his own blog:

“So to all of the folks who have emailed me your thoughts over the years about the attendance banners– as a heads up know they are no longer up in the rafters. I hope we can put up some real championship banners based on team performance soon.”

The banners had been a little bit of a point of humor for some local (and national) scribes, and it hopefully is among other things Leonsis will be making over as he gains control of all the clubs that play in the downtown arena. As a first move, this is far from surprising given Leonsis’ commitment to winning – something that hopefully catches on quickly around the rest of the District’s sports franchises.

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A selective kiss-cam

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WaPo’s got the story today about the Washington Mystics’ no-kisscam policy. Personally I think the lack of that hideous time-killer is a selling point, but it’s fairly obvious why some people would be a little peeved by it. I will say, to Verizon Center’s credit, that I have never seen them engage in the obnoxious practice of showing two dudes for the “oh hah hah they will not kiss because they are straight isn’t their discomfort FUNNY” during the kisscam.

I once told someone who came with me to a Florida Panthers game that he should be warned – if they pull that crap on us I’m gonna kiss him. “You can bet enough people will whine that they’ll never do it again.”

Thanks but no thanks for proving me wrong, Mystics.

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Sports Fix: Top of the Heap Edition

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‘Jaime Moreno, DC United’
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D.C. United
Record: 5-3-8
Last Two Weeks: 1-1-1
Place: 1st in the East

D.C. United played three games since we’ve talked last. Three very different games from what seem to have been three wholly different team. The first, a victory over the Chicago Fire, was a triumph of defense and striking offense. It also put them on top of the Eastern Conference, thanks to Josh Wicks’ goaltending. The second, a tie with the Seattle Sounders was thanks to late-game heroics, and a big mistake. The third, a 3-0 shutout at the hand of the Colorado Rapids left a lot to be desired.

So, who are D.C. United at this point? The team that knocked off the Fire and claimed first place? Or the team that nearly lost to the Sounders and did lose to the Rapids, who are both middle of the pack teams from the West? There’s a lot of distance between the two teams, and United will have to figure out which one they are before they go forward. Injuries have hurt United, with Fred and Jaime Moreno out each for a few games,

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