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Here Comes The Bag Monster

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Andy Keller, known to many as the “Bag Monster” is bringing his 500 – 700 plastic bag suit and plastic bag display to DC today.  If you caught Andy when he visited DC on September 6th, then you already know that Keller’s suit represents the amount of plastic bags the average American uses in a year and the rest of his display, 45,000 plastic bags, a single person’s lifetime consumption of bags. Keller’s goal is to educate communities about the harms of single-use bags, and while DC’s bag tax has helped diminish bag consumption, we’ve still got a ways to go.

If you spot the bag monster, send us a tweet @welovedc with his location.

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Where Does Your Recycling Go?

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Ever wonder happens to your recycling once it leaves the bin?

Arlington County recently released a video that takes you inside a recycling facility. It shows how items are sorted, where they go, and what’s made from them.

Your host? A bathrobe-clad man carrying a coffee cup labeled “dork.” Check it out for good info and good cheesy fun.

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Flowers for Phones, April 13-14

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Next Tuesday and Wednesday, from 11-2pm drop off your used cell phones at either Farragut Square Park or Triangle Park and you’ll get a free potted flower to take home and a chance to win one of many cool prizes.  Collected phones will be recycled as part of the Golden Triangle’s Clean, Green & Golden week to make the District’s central business district look better than ever.

In addition to receiving some flower power, cell phone donors will be automatically entered awesome prizes from Eye Street Massage Therapy, Public Bar, Green & Blue, Taberna del Alabardero, etc. Show up at noon on Tuesday and hang with Ward 2 DC Councilman Jack Evans and possibly snag one of four $50 gift certificate for BLT Steak.

Make sure your phone has been deactivated from service, there aren’t security or privacy concerns. All makes and models of mobile phones, pagers, and PDAs are accepted—along with batteries, chargers, and other accessories. For more details on what can be recycled visit Earthworks, the Golden Triangle BID’s partner responsible for recycling the phones. Continue reading

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Recycling woes: People amaze me

People still don’t get it.
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I work in an office in DC, where recycling is enforced and violations come with fines. Granted, we are new transplants here, as our office recently moved from Virginia, where lawlessness pervades and you can do anything you want without consequence. Almost. We are simple, country folk, still getting used to the big city.

However, you’d think that a whole office of college-educated people could figure out what goes in which contaier. They are different colors, different color bags and one container even has the recycle symbol stenciled on it.

Our office administrator put up these signs just today, and included a list of what can go into the recycling bin, and already it has been violated. What do you do at this point? Hire someone to monitor them? Does your office comply with recycling rules? How do you enforce them?

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Get Green on Tax Day

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On April 15, while you’re giving all those pesky extra greenbacks to the government, you can green the planet as well. Just drop off your unwanted electronics and batteries for recycling at Power Purge from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 2001 Jefferson Davis Hwy. in Crystal City. They’ll take everything from batteries, desktop computers, and laptops to TVs, monitors, and microwaves, at no charge.

It’s part of Crystal City’s new Green Scene, which runs the 5K Fridays race series. It also has extended free Wi-Fi to many outdoor spaces and courtyards so that you can sit outside and Tweet with your feathered friends.