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Whisky Me Away

"great scot!" by IntangibleArts, on Flickr

"great scot!" by IntangibleArts, on Flickr

PS7’s scored quite a coup when it nabbed top mixologist Gina Chersevani as its “head mixtress” back in January. One of my favorite places for drinks, its lounge lined with banquettes and windows is a great happy hour spot on any night.

But tonight is a special one for those of you who love Scotch whisky (is this redundant? I’m sure one of our clever readers can chime in, I can never figure out the whole whiskey/whisky/Scotch distinction) as PS7’s is featuring a scotch tasting for Balvenie, with Ms. Chersevani whipping up the whisky into delectable drinks and Balvenie’s “ambassador” Sam Simmons on hand to teach you all about the liquor the ancient Celts called “uisge beatha” – the water of life…

From 5:30-7:30pm you can sample their 12-Year Doublewood, 15-Year Single Barrel, and 17-Year Rum Cask scotches. Of course there will be noshes. And may I remind you that legally Scotch may not be bottled at under 40% alcoholic volume. So please, indulge in the nibbles while you sample and learn. It is only Tuesday, after all!