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The Dog-Eat-Dog World of the Job Hunt

It’s tough out there right now. Businesses are being bought out by each other, taken over, pillaged, and people are getting laid off all over. Here in the DC area we have the shelter of government, so we don’t feel it as deeply as some other areas do. However, it’s still a tough time. In this time of employment upheaval, I wanted to share a story about how I came to find a new job not so long ago and would love to hear your recommendations on that score as well.

I recently did a job search. Actually, not that recently. My current employer reads this blog, so I should emphasize that I mean recent in terms of my total of 23 years in the workforce. I found a job almost three months ago and it has worked out great.

However, when I was starting my search, I consulted a friend who used to be in the recruiting world and she gave me some great advice. She told me to not jump too quickly into a new job. As much as I hated working for a short-sighted company whose regular business practices included such great things as emailing customers’ credit card information instead of getting a secure system, I should cool my heels. Ignore the disrespect, inflated egos, nonsensical marketing plans, and bad, inflexible corporate culture. “You already have a job you hate,” she said. “Why not search for a job you love?”
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