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We Love Music: Archivists/Fluorescent Sense/Southern Problems @ the Rock & Roll Hotel, 1/28/11

Rock & Roll Hotel’s upstairs bar was packed with the usual Friday night denizens dancing away to the predictable throbbing drumbeats of the hired DJ. The downstairs bar was the place to be for rock music fans wanting to catch three fine, up-and-coming, local DC bands displaying their original songs and rock musical acumen. Archivists were headlining tonight, but on a good local bill like this, all three bands were given a full chance to provide a set of their original music to fans, friends, and people wanting to have something more than just a DJ’s beat with their buzz. And Archivists, Fluorescent Sense and Southern Problems delivered the goods.

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Hot Ticket: Archivists @ Rock & Roll Hotel 1/28/11

‘Archivists’ by Betsy Quilligan.

Rock & Roll Hotel has turned over their excellent stage to some of the many outstanding local bands for several Friday night shows. Continuing this week, they present the Archivists who have a great take on the indie rock sound. Their two guitar line-up offers up everything from angular indie Americana-rock to flat out garage rockers. Also on the bill are local indie-rockers Fluorescent Sense and Southern Problems.

We are blessed with many excellent high quality bands in the Washington DC area. To be able to get three of them together on one of the nicest stages in Washington DC on a Friday night for $10? Well, that’s an affordable hot ticket that allows you to bring along a date plus buy a great dinner all for under the price of one ticket from Neil Young’s last tour. While it is unlikely that any of these bands will reach the heights of Neil Young, they will certainly be entertaining. And if one of them does reach those heights? Well, will you ever have a great story for your children!

w/ Fluorescent Sense & Southern Problems
@ Rock & Roll Hotel