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Nowhere to Run…or Bike

Good day for a ski

Good day for a ski

Heading out to the towpath this weekend, I didn’t expect to see it plowed. But I was surprised to see it wasn’t packed down. In some areas, like near Fletcher’s Boathouse, there is plenty of loose snow not suitable for running or biking, and not all that easy for walking, either. (Hint: Snowshoes ROCK.)

The Capital Crescent Trail there doesn’t look much better. Nearer Georgetown, so many large trees are across it that people have blazed a winding path. (See recent reports.) Sure, it’s pretty for a weekend hike, but what about training for that upcoming 10K — or more importantly, biking on it to work? Especially when the roads are a mess?

The WashCycle has plenty to say about the matter. Saturday’s The Ice Storm post talks about why the trails aren’t plowed, then requests that people contact trail managers and ask The Post‘s Dr. Gridlock to address the issue in his chat today at noon.

Paul McCray of Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority says in the comments the W&OD trail staff will start clearing snow this week. The upcoming rains also may wash away a lot of it.

Did you hit the trails this weekend? If so, what did you find?

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Be the First to Bike the Wilson Bridge

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‘Wilson Bridge – Point the Way – 12-29-08’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’
If you’re all revved up from your morning ride today on Bike to Work Day, you may be glad to know you’ll soon have a new route for commuting–or simply playing outside, carbon free–starting Saturday, June 6. The multi-use Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail, built for two-wheeled and two-footed travel, will open at 1 p.m., on what just happens to be National Trails Day.
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