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Jeter Says to Rider: “Apparently You Believe in Slavery”

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courtesy of ‘woodleywonderworks’

UnsuckDCMetro posted an alleged email conversation between a concerned Metro rider and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 boss Jackie Jeter that, frankly, makes the union look even more like…well, a-holes. The conversation was in regards to the fact that two union bus drivers got their jobs back – with pay – despite some serious issues.

Take a gander at how this labor organization handles itself when a legitimate complaint is brought forward. Apparently, Ms. Jeter thinks if you believe certain union members are “unfit to perform the basic duties required of a Metrobus driver,” you are, in fact, a proponent of slavery.

Seriously, Ms. Jeter? Do us ALL a favor and STFU. You’re only making your union brethren look even worse than WMATA. And that’s pretty hard to do.