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Update on Cell Phone Bus Driver

Photo courtesy of
‘Metro on the Move’
courtesy of ‘M.V. Jantzen’

Everyone remember the uproar back on July 30 when UnsuckDCMetro posted the story and photo about the 63 bus with the driver who was chatting on her cell phone, even getting off the bus to do so?

Seems it may have been a legitimate call after all.

According to another blog – Maryland Politics Watch – the driver was actually on the phone with WMATA’s Central control, reporting a mechanical difficulty (malfunctioning destination sign) and minor injuries from falling up the bus stairs as she re-boarded. While the investigation isn’t final yet, it seems this time the operator was in the ‘right’ though she apparently was not very communicative with the riders as to what was going on.

While it’s nice to know what the truth is with the situation, it’s disheartening yet again to see Catoe mishandle yet another situation. I’m sure the stress sucks in the wake of the June 22 accident, but really – one would expect the “top public transportation manager” in the country to handle these things better.