Why Do You Hate DC, Food Network?

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When a friend sent over the Food Network’s Best Burgers in America guide, I was shocked: There was no DC entry in the contest. How the hell did this happen? I mean, I’m super pleased that Ray’s Hell Burger won for Virginia, but where’s DC’s entry?

There are so many awesome burgers in DC, from Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery (oh man could I use one of their epic milkshakes!) to the delectable mini-burgers at Matchbox, Capitol Grille’s Kobé Burger, and who can leave Old Ebbitt out? If we want to include vegetarian options, I think you have to include the old veggie burger ever to make me crave another: the Veggie Burger at Science Club.

So, why did DC get such a shafting by Food Network? Our emails to the network haven’t been returned yet. Maybe we should take them a sampling? Where’s the best burger in DC?

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7 thoughts on “Why Do You Hate DC, Food Network?

  1. Two fairly obvious reasons:

    1) DC is not, to date, a state and would therefore not qualify for a list of the best burgers in each of the 50 states.

    2) The burgers here aren’t as good as you think.

  2. See, that’s the kind of attitude we have to get beyond ;)

    DC deserves a spot among the rest of the continental US in contention for the best burger.

    And I’ve had some burgers. I’ve eaten at several of the winners (CA, NV, AZ, and VA) and I think DC’s got offerings that can stand up to all but Ray’s.

  3. Not to mention the entry for Chicago is not a burger, but A SALAD. What the hell, FN?

  4. Hell, I’d put freaking Five Guys up against a lot of award-winning burgers and feel pretty confident in it, when you get right down to it.

    Still need to try Ray’s though… which is embarassing since I can almost see it from my office…