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This past Monday, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with fellow WeLoveDCers at the Science Club, discussing operational matters and enjoying the quiet, comfortable environment of the Dupont bar.

The front entrance is impressive, the glass and wood doors looked quite old-school; I half-expected to enter some 19th century Academy of Sciences after passing through their small patio. But alas, not the case. Despite it being a Monday, there was a smattering of people occupying the front “one on one” tables (as the Club calls them) and more further back in the dining area.

Of course, we weren’t here to eat. Just to meet and relax. And the Club certainly caters to that.

The lighting is low, which brings a sense of privacy and closeness. The bar, though squeezed tight against the wall, was decently sized and moving around wasn’t an issue. And I doubt it’s that much trouble when they are busy as the Club has also an underground bar setup downstairs. What I found quite cool is the barstools – most of them are recognizable to many, having been rescued from high-school science labs. Remember the round metal stools that you spun to raise and lower? Well, hit the nostalgia train because that’s what the Club uses for some of the seating in the bar areas.

If you’re going with a big group of more than four people, fair warning: there’s not a lot of seating for you. We managed to snag the only booth down in the Underground early on – though to be fair, we were the only ones down there. However, despite this we weren’t forgotten. Both the bartender and one of the owners were down constantly, checking on drink status, clearing our table and chatting.

The drinks menu runs the gamut from top-shelf wines to imported beers. The house wine was fabulous, with a grapefruity flavor that made it the perfect sit-back-and-chill drink. There is a variety of wine by the glass, running from $6 to $14, depending on your tastes.


But don’t think the Science Club is all uppity. Several excellent beer choices exist, including Yuengling from PA to Guinness from Ireland and even Ayinger Brau-Weisse from Bavaria. And for after-drink aficionados, there’s some Delaforce 20-year tawny port for a reasonable $12 a glass.

The Club does serve food; we didn’t get to sample the all-vegetarian menu, however. I’ve read several reviews online about it and it seems that the Club is worth going back to gnosh.

They also know how to party on the weekends. The Club features several DJs every weekend – some local, some not. The dining area in the back is usually converted into a makeshift dance floor as well, for those who feel the need to groove. And when the party isn’t flying, the Club still provides great background music; Jenn wanted me to mention specifically that “the music is super-cool” with a mix of hip-hop, electronica and jazz. The mix playing while we were there was indeed pretty sweet.

The atmosphere is pleasant and geared to the intimate conversationalists on the fringe, with the wide-open floor more for the mix-and-mingle types. There’s no cover charge, no dress code and no private rooms. The Science Club caters to the after-work hours office crowd, looking to wind down to some great tunes and intelligent conversation. “Going to the club” was never so hip.

Happy Hour is every Monday – Friday, from 5-8 pm. Check out their events for DJ information, or if you’re feeling brave, go to their myspace page.

The Science Club is located on 19th St. NW, between M and N Streets. You can get there via Farragut North (Red Line).

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5 thoughts on “We Love Drinks: Science Club

  1. Trip-hop rather than hip-hop, really, if you want to be more precise. Also one night I was there they had some killer dubstep playing. Basically, yes, I love Science Club…

  2. i can never say enough good things about the veggie burger at science club. oh god. so good.

  3. I’ve never been to the Science Club but I’m so excited to check it out this coming Monday — there’s an event there featuring Sarah Kramer who is launching her new book, Vegan A Go-Go (vegan cookbook) AND the Science Club is apparently unveiling new vegan menu options that night!

    check it out — i just read about here: