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Real World Infiltrates WLDC Hangout

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‘Science Club’
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According to @RealWorldDCNewz, our favorite group of “real” co-eds has discovered the host of WLDC staff meetings and happy hours, the Science Club. The Real Worlders stopped in at the establishment for drinks last night, but it is unclear how long they stayed.  The long term effects, mostly “will they be back, and if so, when?” have yet to be seen.

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Happy Hour Food: Health Kick

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A few weeks ago, I put together a happy hour food guide for particularly yummy fried food in the DC area. This was easy. Almost too easy, if you will, because every bar in the world has fried happy hour food, most of it yummy because it’s fried. Duh.

So I decided to stretch my skillz, and put together a list of healthy happy hour food for those of us doing Operation Hot Summer Bod 2009, or just those of us who like to eat on the lighter, healthier side.  Cause there is still delicious food to be had at happy hour, just without the added saturated fat. Continue reading

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We Love Drinks: Science Club


This past Monday, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with fellow WeLoveDCers at the Science Club, discussing operational matters and enjoying the quiet, comfortable environment of the Dupont bar.

The front entrance is impressive, the glass and wood doors looked quite old-school; I half-expected to enter some 19th century Academy of Sciences after passing through their small patio. But alas, not the case. Despite it being a Monday, there was a smattering of people occupying the front “one on one” tables (as the Club calls them) and more further back in the dining area.

Of course, we weren’t here to eat. Just to meet and relax. And the Club certainly caters to that.

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